Lending a Helping Hand
By: Edward Harris

Have you been looking for an outstretched hand in recent times? Whether it was in distress or just plain looking for someone to lean on, and you simply can’t find that outstretched hand. It is a lonely life for many.

In these days the collective effect is no longer present, every man for himself. Long time friends just change in their behaviour, you just can’t understand what has happened. So as not to end the relationship completely you just hold on to the past good times and hope that realization of the past will impact upon the present and future to bring the relationship back on course.

To ensure lasting relationships, one has to be forgiving, and willing to make concessions. Something is wrong these days. The problem of survival is causing many persons to act outside of what is expected of them as sane people.

The other side of the coin is that too many people think too highly of themselves and less about other persons. They seem to forget that what people sow, they are very likely to reap, but too many people are prepared to take the chance that they would not be around to reap, so it just doesn’t matter. If such persons believe that their deeds will not bring forth fruit in their lifetime, whether in the flesh or in the spirit, they are fooling themselves.

I have noticed that many persons in the prime of lives are suddenly cut off. They had great plans, well planned future, doing well at their business or profession really living it up and just at their moment of glory they exist no more. Looking back at many such lives, you frequently find those people lived very much for themselves, often stood in other people’s way, did things that stood in others way of progress but God was watching.

I have always subscribed to the principle of lifting others up. While you do not expect anything in return, it is the Messiah’s principle that we much take each along as he did. “I go to prepare a place for you” Why can’t we follow his footsteps and make a way for others?

 We cannot all be leaders but as followers we should share the joy of our leaders. We need to develop a means of sharing and caring, so whether we are leaders or followers the joy is shared.

There are some persons who will never forgive, they are very judgmental and in many cases condemn others without a cause. But in all their actions, God is watching.

Can we expect a change in behaviour among our brethren? Many are welling to give up and not venture at least to try but I believe it is very possible as I am convinced that many do not know that what they are doing disrupts the lives of others.

In today’s world too many of us are on the negative side of things, being agents of destruction. Too few persons are on the side of good as agents for progress and prosperity. A call goes out for those who will be examples. Persons who will let their light shine and go out and preach love to the world.

Where is the love? Where there is love, there is harmony, there is forgiveness, there is

Tolerance, there is trust and all the ingredients that give hope to our human existence. Where there is love you are always thinking of the other person, you will never do to that person what you would not have other persons do to you.

There are certain principles that mankind cannot escape, especially those principles enshrined in the Holy Bible. We boast of our Christians heritage but while we claim to be Christians there is no works following. Where are the fruits of the spirit? We live in a world where many people are walking around without a sense of purpose, drugged and demonized. Committing the worst offences without any thought of the results of their actions.

As I write this article I am listening to Fox News and taking time off from time to time as several breaking news were aired. Student kidnapped, contractors blasted, cops shot, all within an hour. No consideration for the other person. Here in St. Lucia the lack of concern for the other persons result in too many deaths on our roads, not leaving out the cases of homicide. The world is not a nice place these days. In times like these you need a Saviour who can be found in times of need and more importantly can keep you from evil.

What has caused this sad state of affairs? Looking back over the years one can only conclude that the principal cause is neglect. Lack of interest in what is happening in your community. Many live in a vacuum - me, my wife and my children and maybe my immediate relatives, reflecting a self-centered approach to life and living. My concerns and my concerns alone are all that interest me.

Let us build a future that is based on ensuring that we share with persons in our community, things that will make a difference so that together the aspirations of each member of the community is realized as far as possible. The acts of sharing and caring will be critical, operating from the base of the family and the community.

Let us give back some of what God has blessed us with. As we plan to celebrate Easter, let us LOVE!!! A Blessed and Happy Easter to all! (My next article will appear after the Easter Holidays)

Keep the faith!!!