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At the outset, I wish to give a definition for "Miracle" which I am completely comfortable with. "A miracle is an intervention by God to make something happen that wouldn't normally happen."

Do you believe miracles still happen? If you do, are you receiving your share? It is time you secure your front seat now in the Hall of Miracles.

This is my story. A few weeks ago a very good friend called me, as is customary we are in contact at least once a week. After a long discussion, he ended by suggesting I read a portion of Scripture found in 1st Chronicles, Chapter 4, Verse 10. As soon as the conversation was over, I reached for my Bible and read the verse. Interestingly in my course of reading the Bible sometime ago I underlined the said verse which meant that it made an impression on me.

As you will note this is not a normal setting within the Bible for such a fundamental Biblical principle to jump out. The Gem is found in the middle of nowhere. Many persons tend to skip matters of genealogy as is found in 1 Chronicles. Although I found the portion of scripture sometime ago, it was not revealed to me, God used my friend to reveal Jabez's Prayer to me - that was my miracle.

Subsequently, my friend loaned me a book entitled "The Prayer of Jabez" - Breaking through the Blessed Life, written by Bruce Wilkinson. It appears that many persons have read this book. However, I wish to make a point here about reading books and other materials. It is the message you receive and what you do with it that counts. Were you moved to action? Have you embraced the principle? If you fail to bring the message to life in your life, the revelation is lost.

Many persons are ashamed to ask God to bless them. God wants us to ask him to bless us. He wants us to seek, ask and knock and he shall give us our request.

Jabez boldly called upon the God of Israel for 4 things:

     (1) Oh, that you would bless me indeed;
     (2) and enlarge my territory;
     (3) that your hand would be with me;
     (4) and that you would keep me from evil.

And the Bible says God granted his request. We must learn to submit ourselves to God. Make Jabez Prayer your prayer from this moment on and miracles will become a daily feature in your life.

Here is a passage from the book entitled Prayer of Jabez:

"Making Jabez Mine - Redeemed for this:- I've seen something amazing happen in people like you who have suspected all along that God answers courageous prayers. When the merest ray of faith shines in your spirit, the warmth of God's truth infuses you, and you instinctively want to cry out, "Oh Lord, please ...bless me!" And I see in people like you growing excitement and an anticipation of what will happen next.

Because something always does. Your spiritual expectations undergo a radical shift, though it might be only slightly apparent to someone else. You feel renewed confidence in the present -tense power and reality of your prayers because you know you are praying in the will and pleasure of God. You sense in the deepest recesses of your being the rightness of praying like this.

You know beyond a doubt that you were redeemed for this: to ask for it with all your heart.

Join me for that transformation. You will change your legacy and bring supernatural blessings wherever you go. God will release His miraculous power in your life now. And for all eternity, He will lavish on you His honour and delight." (Taken from Jabez prayer).

Tell me about your new found friend Jabez! God bless you!

September 14, 2002