The US led Coalition War against Iraq!

It took some speculation and time to arrive at a conclusion that a war be staged against Iraq to free its people from Saddam Hussein and his gang of oppressors. That is the easy story to tell but the majority of the world’s nations including the SUPER POWERS refuses to accept that line of argument. Even at this stage, the super powers including China are asking that the war be stopped. That request has fallen upon deaf ears. Rather, the war has intensified as was expected as the US led forces advanced to Baghdad.

Some forty countries have joined the Coalition of the Willing. It is amazing how overnight the number grew from one to forty. There is magic about numbers but I am baffled. The question is, what incentive could have been offered to achieve such development? Even Britain, in spite of resignations from the Government, fell in line and decided to support the US. While President Bush could only be encouraged by these developments and open show of support of the Willing, Civil Society around the world is making a lot of noise in protest, even on mainland USA. Nothing is happening in this regard in the Caribbean so far. However, the Governments of Caricom made an early statement that they are not in agreement with the staging of a war outside of it being sanctioned by the United Nations and further, that it was not in the interest of Small Economies to have such negative developments at this time.

The position expressed by Caricom States, I dare say represent the position of many of the forty Willing Nations who now endorse the actions of the US against Iraq. Again, I ask the question, what has changed? Have we once again in this part of the world missed out on an opportunity because of indecision? While the Leaders of the region have gone silent, I do believe it is time for them to update their position. At this time no harm could be done. The silence does not help us. I would be very proud to know that the Governments of the Region make a statement. This is not a time for sitting on the fence. We must step forward, stand up, and be counted either for or against. Maybe, like in most things, we are still at the level where each nation is saying and doing the things in its best interest and it may be necessary for some brave Governments to proceed and take a position.

In recent times, we have not been hearing much about Afghanistan but it is very timely that we revisit the initial and continuing problems with the establishment of a Government that is truly representative of the various tribes and sects. Then there is the problem of MONEY, whereas on that occasion it was a United Nations backed Coalition with the support of all the super powers, there is still a problem of money for the rebuilding programme. This time America alone is responsible for bank rolling the rebuilding programme which will be substantial as it is expected that the infrastructure will be severely damaged. Fortunately, Iraq will be self financing, using its oil to pay for its rebuilding programme. Just maybe, the US may provide some up front money to ensure the initial momentum of rebuilding is sustained. However, the US assistance may not be necessary when the bank accounts of Saddam and his associates are confiscated by the US.

It is too early to predict the final outcome but one thing is certain, America will win the war. President George will once again have his way. The question on the minds of many remains – is it fair for America to decide who rules a country? Does America have the right to literally assasinate a nation’s leader if he fails to go into exile? Governments remain in office because the people want them to. I am convinced that if the people are determined, they will fight to the last man and long before it gets to that point change will come. What happens now? In an effort to liberate the people of Iraq, many will die. So why die at some else’s wish and not for your own determination. There is a price to be paid. However, in the present context, where most people in today’s world feel helpless against the formidable military power of their Governments, is America’s stand as a Guardian of Democracy, the right posture? There are more questions than answers. The final one is – what is America’s ultimate goal in this war?

God is in charge, He is not dead, He is alive and will in His own time establish righteous judgment here on earth. The world is slipping into destruction at a rate similar to the speed of a space ship.

Keep the faith!!!