Caribbean Small Business Association Soon To Be A Reality:

The historic 1st SMEs Roundtable was held in Kingston, Jamaica and was officially opened on Caricom Day, just after the Heads of Government of Conference. The Roundtable lasted for three days, July 7 - 9, 2003 and opened a window of opportunity for Entrepreneurs within the Micro and Small Business Sector to launch a platform to establish the much needed Caribbean Small Business Association.

Messrs Jonathan Adams of Trinidad and Abe Williams of Jamaica have been trying desperately since 1993 to get a foothold to launch the Association and at the Roundtable they made a passionate plea to participants and got their attention which resulted in the presentation of a Resolution on the 2nd day of the Conference. A meeting of Entrepreneurs was held after the Roundtable concluded on the third day from 9.30 pm to midnight where a Steering Committee was formed, comprising of Entrepreneurs from Belize, Jamaica, St. Lucia. Suriname and Trinidad. Mr. Jonathan Adams is the Chairman of the Steering Committee which is charged with launching the Association within six months.

Hereunder is the Resolution:


Whereas we entrepreneurs within the regional Small Business Sector are gathered at this Caricom Roundtable on SMEs being held in Jamaica, July 7 - 9, 2003,

And whereas:
In 1993 it was listed as a priority that “to encourage the formation of the Caribbean Small Business Association and other regional Networks for Advocacy, Technical Exchanges and Trading,

And whereas
As a consequence of the Caricom Heads of States declaring 1988 as the Year of Small Business”,


Be it resolved that this conference record our sentiments on the following issues:

1. that the Caricom Secretariat moves expeditiously to acquire the necessary data from the member states to be included in the preparation of a relevant strategic plan,

And be it further resolved that:

1. the implementation process should be done within a set time frame and that information be transmitted to Entrepreneurs and allow for full participation of Entrepreneurs on standing and adhoc Committees targeting SMEs development, and,

2. the proposed Caribbean Small Business Association which will be established within six(6) months be given full status within Caricom in any deliberation with respect to Regional Small Business Development

Madam Chairperson, I so move:- Jonathan Adams
Signed by the mover and five other Entrepreneurs.

Submitted by: Edward Harris