Moving With The Flow
Edward Harris@ Large

I began writing this article in the waiting area of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation having caught he first flight from S. Lucia into Barbados 12/08/03. The décor of the offices would make any would be investor want to do business. I visited to meet with Officials of the Export Promotion Division within the Corporation who afforded me the opportunity to do a contract involving a Trade Mission to St. Lucia, 22-25/6/03. Everyone was satisfied with the results so I was calling on the officials of the Corporation to say thanks and to see at first hand the institution at work, and the persons who had enough faith in me to give me the assignment.

The real reason for my trip to Barbados was to sign a contract for a project that I consider a fulfillment of my life long aspiration. As usual there are always friends to meet in Barbados having lived and worked there. Apart from the signing of the contract, I formalized another project that is likely to get a number of St. Lucians involved in a Network Marketing programme for a product that will enhance the health and performance of many persons. I visited the office of the young couple who are promoting the products in the region and I was impressed with the business like manner in which they carried themselves. A team of Kingsway Marketers are expected in St. Lucia on the weekend of September 11, 2003 to share their experiences with St. Lucians. As usual, I can never leave out Vieux-Fort in any programme in which I have a say. As a result, meetings will be held in Castries and Vieux-Fort.

Today, people are realizing more than ever before that daily nutrients are necessary for the body. One of the outstanding products offered by Kingsway is Coral Calcium which is 98 – 100% absorbable calcium and transforms your water into a mineral rich alkaline drink. It also helps maintain a healthy, alkaline pH balance in your body and fights acid, a major cause of pain. Visit the website and get all the information you need.

I like what is going on in California with the race for Governor. One thing is certain that the citizens are prepared to offer themselves to serve their country free from fear. We in the Caribbean must strive to achieve that degree of freedom. We have bought into the cliché that third parties do not have a chance of winning elections, in spite we have seen that in a few instances, it was possible – Dominica and Grenada within the OECS. It is difficult but it can be done. It takes sacrifice and money. There are many things in the Caribbean that must change if we are to achieve our full potential. Fear of victimization imagined or real is killing the initiative of our people. Because of real Freedom, it is very likely that Mr. Arnold Schwartznegger can be Governor Arnold Schwartznegger come October 7, 2003. At least he is the front-runner at this point and I am in his corner. I feel that many of the 130 candidates will drop out the race and rally behind Mr. Schwartznegger who seems to be the candidate of choice. Have you considered the implications for Mrs. Maria Shriver-Schwartznegger, coming from a pro democrat background? However, rather than looking at the implications, let us look at the opportunity to bring together Democrats, Republicans, Independents and whosoever will under a salvation umbrella to save their state from further decline.

All types of interesting things are happening in the world today, in spite of the threats and acts of terrorism. However, life goes on and at a fast pace. Marriages are taking place in the most daring places and even between persons on earth and in space. People are now living in space. You can acquire real estate in space. Very early in the space development when landing on the moon was the principal objective, there was a programme to book reservations for trips to the moon. I don’t think the idea has been abandoned, “Fly me to the moon” will be more than a song, one day, it will be reality which can well be, a possibility just around the corner. Then there is the appointment of a Gay clergyman to high office and there seems to be no chance of a recall. The true nature of things is coming to light in every aspect of our lives.

The security of computer related software and the internet continues to be a major concern of everyone and while there is growing reliance on computer technology, there is growing fear that the world will one day come to a stand still in relation to the flow of information. Computers are driving most things today but the thought of the possibility of data loss and hackers interfering with the smooth running of major websites and programmes, is frightening. I was affected by the recent Worm Blaster which frustrated me in the use of my computer for a whole day. Thanks to Fox and Friends morning show hosts on Fox News Channel #38, they gave information of the antidote being offered on – free download offer. My computer was back to normal operation within minutes after the download and is still running as I type this article.

Congratulations to Mr. Ronald Ramjattan, the Managing Director of Baron Foods Ltd. who celebrated the Big 50 last Sunday and what a celebration it was. He will long be remembered by his family, relatives, friends and well wishers. Many sentiments were expressed by the several persons who chronicled his life’s story over the years. It was a moving experience. One theme that was echoed again and again is that Ronald from his early years is a person of vision, who strives for excellence in everything he does. I take the liberty on behalf of the invited guests to wish Ronald, a long and healthy life, filled with successes and excitement.

Next week I am off to Ontario, Canada. I will be filing my article from Toronto where I will be a part of a group of businesspersons from St. Lucia which includes Messrs Patrick H. Joseph and Eldridge Stephens, attending the World Summit of Indigenous Entrepreneurs.

Keep the faith, Continue to live the life you love!