Did You Know???

  • Human blood is approximately 90% water. In order to maintain proper function, the body needs more than 2-3 quarts of water daily.
  • The sea’s mineral content almost exactly mirrors that of optimality healthy human blood, amniotic fluid and other bodily fluids.
  • Our cells are like fish living in a water environment. The human body is approximately 75% water.
  • Fish die when their water environment reaches a pH level of 3. Crabs die at a pH level of 6.
  • Many foods often found in the Standard American Diet (SAD) are highly acidic.

While Alka-Mine Coral Calcium infuses your water with the most absorbable ionic calcium and other marine trace minerals available, it does not supply the recommended daily allowance of calcium; its main function and benefit is to balance the pH level of your drinking water, thereby positively affecting the pH balance of your body. Additionally, drinking Alka-Mine Coral Calcium water increases your body ability to absorb other vitamins and mineral you consume whether in food or supplement form.

Many individuals require more calcium to meet their daily needs. We recommend you try our oral Caps, which supply 1650 mg of Coral Calcium in every three capsule serving. A serving of Coral Caps also provides 120 IUs of Vitamins D3, which supercharges your body’s calcium absorption. Alka-Mine Coral Calcium provides 98-100% absorbable calcium in ionic form, and Coral Caps provide the same natural Coral Calcium in the daily amounts you require there is no better combination!

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