Labour and Politics Inescapably Linked!!

Last Monday, Americans celebrated Labour Day. At the same time a poll came out stating that Americans are the most productive workers in the world. I am somewhat baffled as it never dawned on me that Americans could have emerged in such a position. On reflection however, I realized that America is the land of opportunity and everyone entering the USA is going for a better life, one which offers financial independence.

It is obvious that true financial independence can only be derived from legitimate work. In the US everyone has an equal opportunity to eat what the President eats and enjoy the material things of life. If it is the material things of life your are looking for, America is the place to be. Many who are so inclined keep up with their creditors by having two and three jobs. America is a working country so upon reflection Americans can easily evolve as the most productive workers in the world.

This Labour Day has not been a happy one for many, as the figures show that in the USA, 1.2 million people are out of jobs. However, President George W. Bush is optimistic that the country is in the recovery phase and unemployment will begin to go down. He is alluding to his reduced taxes to people who create the jobs as the driving force behind the positive trends. The stocks market is also providing favourable results and investors seem to be mush less concerned about the aftermath of the Iraq War.

There is a run on gasoline prices that must be arrested quickly or else could spark off a serious inflationary trend which can upset current gains.

The election race is on and while President Bush is the lone rider for the Republicans the Democrats are at the starting gate with nine horses for the Primaries. At least five can be considered non starters and before they come under starter’s orders there is a likely upset based early gallop performance, making Howard Dean, the man to beat.

Organized Labour has already begun to show their hands, using Labour Day to establish their terms/conditions for supporting the various parties. If money is anything to go by, President Bush has already set a record in respect of campaign contributions and now has a war chest that is formidable.

Something positive is working for President Bush, the contributions that are flowing in are coming from the movers and shakers of Industry who are bullish on the future fortunes.

I am concerned about Joe Lieberman and John Kerry that they are lagging behind in the Democratic race for the party’s presidential nomination. Joe Lieberman may once again find himself as the No2 man. There is strong rumor that Senator Hilary Clinton may make a late entry into the race for her party’s nomination as their presidential candidate. She has as good a chance as any of the current candidates in the front line of her party. I am ready to take a bet at this juncture that if she is to join the race, Senator Hilary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and become the first female in the history of party politics in the USA to win a major party presidential nomination. The Clintons are special people and as a result a force to reckon with. They are in a league all by themselves. It is their time. We cannot underestimate the power of President Clinton. He has charm; and a combination of Bill and Hilary will spell magic on any political platform.

I am certain the Senator Clinton will not divorce herself from the charisma of her husband during any future campaign she decides to embark upon as Vice President Al Gore did in the last election, attempting to be his own man without a platform. The platform was President Clinton’s and he should have awaited the passing of the baton, not attempting to snatch it away. Al Gore suffered the consequences.

Enough on politics, except that I feel the risk is too great at this moment in time for Senator Clinton to take on President Bush. She should wait her turn for 2008. But is there another consideration, that if she is to be a serious contender for the 2008 election, she must be returned to the Senate in 2006?

Labour is inescapably linked to politics and thrives or suffers at the hands of politicians. If labour ever has a decision to make, it is now. Which party is best suited to lead America in 2004? I rather ask the question – which party is best able to change the situation in the light of the existing circumstances?

I said before that the time has come in St.Lucia for our citizens to consider a second job. We have to play less and work more. How do you rate our workforce? Don’t put all the blame on them. If we are to be fair, there has to be many more opportunities which will challenge our people to work. We have turned our backs from the many part time jobs which for many in America became full time jobs. I refer to the Avon, Stanley Home, Amway, Fuller Brush, etc., etc.. I feel very strongly that the time has come to introduce Salesmanship as a subject in schools.

Everyone, everywhere including politicians has felt the need for something to be done to create jobs if we are to challenge our people to work and reduce crime. It is a challenge for all of us and I am doing all within my power to play my part.

Keep the Faith!!