Finally – It has happened!!!!

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused my readers over the past few weeks. I am grateful for your patience and take this opportunity to assure you that things can only get better. In a few days, there could be a lot of interaction between us.

Finally, a dream I sought to realize in twenty five years is now reality. The NetWorker Magazine appeared in mailboxes and on newsstands on Friday, October 10, 2003 in St. Lucia, St. Kitts-Nevis, Anguilla, and subsequently in the other islands of the OECS. The Magazine targets Civil Society and Small Businesspersons and is distributed throughout the OECS. Over the years, I made several attempts at publishing a tabloid magazine, but I believe nothing happens before its time.

I am currently undertaking a promotional tour to the islands and upon completion will be launching the Magazine on the internet. My readers will get the opportunity to see the hard copy version of the Magazine. A Press Release alerting my readers to this development will appear on this site.

The issue will be put on the internet within 30 days of its publication. However, in the meantime, each week an article that appeared in the current issue of the Magazine will be posted on this site. I will get back to writing my weekly article shortly.

In the meantime, I extend an invitation to you to contribute articles along with photographs to the Publisher/Managing Editor at The deadline for submission of articles is the 8th of every month. Publication date is the 15th .

I am heartened by the support received to date and look forward to your contribution.

Keep the Faith!