Opening up the Archive of Ed Harris @ Large!

As we approach the Season of Goodwill, I have decided to do something special. As a result I have decided to open up the website of to the many persons who have ideas to ventilate and should be given the opportunity to do so.

The site is now opened up to guest writers and I am now talking with former contributors to give me permission to reprint some information that shouldn’t be missed by you my faithful readers around the world.

I wish also to draw to your attention that Issue #2 of the NetWorker Magazine is now in circulation and should be online within a few days at You are invited to join the FORUM and keep us busy. The year 2004 will be great but it can be greater if we share opportunities.

I promise you that the articles are going to be online during the entire week that will cause you to want to visit the site several times a week.

Keep the faith, contribute articles and let us move forward.

Happy Holidays!!!
Ed Harris
Mobile: 758-485-1456