There is a saying that it is not the messenger, it is the message. Too often we discredit the message because of the messenger. As we contemplate the celebration of our silver anniversary of independence, the theme "taking responsibility for our country's development" cannot be more apt. It is a timely reminder that we must take responsibility for our actions. We will have to change our approach to many things if we are going to be serious players in the global economy. We must be ready and willing to embrace change. What we are not accustomed to, we are unwilling to encourage, and we step aside and allow the idea to fall with its own weight It is said that the only constant in today's global economy is CHANGE. We must rally behind new ideas with open minds.

   I have over the years through my weekly column come up with a number of new ideas but they have all fallen on deaf ears. However, I will continue to persist. I am an optimist; I refuse to be pessimistic about the future. Where there is cloudiness, I see sunshine. When it is bad weather I see sunshine and clear skies. Those of us who travel in airplanes experience at first hand, the weather conditions in the air and life is very much like the conditions in the air. When things are going good, plan for a storm, when you are into a storm, plan for glorious skies. In conclusion, you will be better off to maintain a positive attitude regardless of the circumstance.

   The hobby of putting your thoughts into words can be very rewarding. Sometimes you feel as though you have the inspiration of a prophet or a physic, given the gift of seeing beyond the immediate, far into the future. I predicted many things that are happening today years ago. In some cases there is resistance, but one day we will wake up to the realization. Over the years I have watched businesspersons and governments failing to seize the moment and in many instances it was because of the messenger. It is difficult for a man with no means to tell a man of means that he is doing something wrong and if he was to make a minor change he would yield better results. Many times that person will rather than take the advice for free as it is most times, hasten to inform the person suggesting the change how many years he has been in business, etc., etc. and miss the point completely, taking no action, only to arrive at the same conclusion in the future when it is too late. I guess this sounds familiar to many. To a great extent, the same has been with governments, if the messenger is not in harmony with their ideological/party position, it was difficult if not impossible to score a recommendation even though it would make a difference in the best interest of the people. This type of attitude by our leaders and businesspersons must change. There are signs that things are improving at the level of government as the media, the private sector and NGOs keep pressing for dialogue and meaningful participation in the decision making process.

   Politicians are not immune to the reality on the ground but politics is not an exact science, there are many uncontrollable variables and it is for that reason many times it is beyond the comprehension of citizens when certain decisions are taken. A politician's responsibility is awesome. The pressure is on from every quarter and it is for this reason that politicians need to be close to God and follow in the footsteps of King Solomon and continually ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I would like to add another - VISION. They should strive in every action they take today that the future is well secured and that the action taken will redound to the benefit of the citizens and their future generations. Such action will necessitate VISION. The Bible says, where there is no vision the people perish. In today's world, vision is a necessary ingredient for all leaders, especially politicians.

   My message for this moment is that we should all join in a movement for a real change in attitude at all levels, that we will love one another, that we will act with love in everything we undertake. Let God be in the centre of each decision we make and strive to ensure at all times we listen to the message because God uses some very controversial people sometimes to bring His message and establish His purpose on earth. Do you remember Judas and Saul?

   I invite you to make your contribution to changing our present attitude to the messenger so that we can become a force to reckon with in the new economy and expand our citizenship to be a part of the global village.

   Keep the Faith - trust God for a miracle!!!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist & Publisher