It Will Be A Long Hot Summer - Politically!!!
By: Edward A. Harris

Those of us who have a serious interest in politics can look forward to spending long hours on the internet and looking at our favourite news channels following up on developments as they unfold leading to November 2004 elections.

   When the Democrats began the race for their party's nomination I said very early that Howard Dean was the man to beat and he was beaten. Now it's the incumbent in the White House, President George W. Bush the man to beat. He is no push over and he has the ammunition to take on the greatest army. He has the shots - Wads of Cash. He has an oversupply of money, enough to scare off the competition. The Democrats must step up to the table and I believe they can come up to the table and beat President's Bush financial war chest. Many persons have overlooked what Howard Dean did with his band of warriors on the Internet. I am ready to predict that if the democrats get pass the amount raised by President Bush they would win the elections.

   In the last elections I was the only Journalist in St. Lucia who backed George W. Bush for President. I saw what a lot of people overlooked. While people of colour loved President Clinton, he never gave them the opportunity that George W. Bush was offering to Blacks. What was very important to me was that the Black leaders who surrounded President Clinton did not really represent their people. They were too many question marks when it came to their integrity. George W. Bush was prepared to break tradition and embrace Blacks and place them on a higher ground. Morality is vital for effective leadership. The other indication that George W. Bush would have beaten Al Gore was the ingratitude he demonstrated. How could he have ignored President Clinton and be his own man. It was President Clinton who gave him the opportunity to lead in the Internet initiative. Ingratitude is worse than witchcraft. Al Gore paid the price. A lesson which is long forgotten - unfortunately.

   Now many of my readers will get a better understanding of my thought process which assisted me to arrive at my prediction which after a lot of hassle became reality George W. Bush evolved as President Bush.

   Four years will end in November and it is time to look at what the future holds for President Bush. All I am prepared to say at this juncture is that we should keep our eyes on the MONEY. Anyone of the Presidential Candidates that is ahead on the MONEY will be ahead at the polls.

   John Kerry has many hurdles to jump but as in horse racing many thoroughbred horses fall while many less known ones go on to win races. Upsets are always a possibility in racing. Could John Kerry clear all the hurdles before him and be triumphant in November? The guess is anybody's. John seems to love coming from behind of the field and win convincingly by several lengths. It is interesting to note that he reached this far because he looked PRESIDENTIAL. Will that statement hold?

   We come to the point that is engaging everyone's attention. Who will be his running mate? The only Democrat to make a real contribution to the ticket is Senator Hilary Clinton. Unfortunately in her push to represent New York she made her supporters a promise but I believe if they are convinced as I am that she can make a difference they will call upon her to step up to the higher level. If it works out that way, Senator Hilary Clinton could be around and in the White House for a very long time. (2 terms as VP and 2 terms as President) I believe that a Kerry - Clinton ticket will be unstoppable.

   In these upcoming elections, I would like to see Caribbean people influencing their relatives residing in the USA to do what is right. They may be living there but we might be more politically astute than them. The big question is - must President George W. Bush be given another term to the change Black leadership base in America? Generally speaking President Bush has not been given a real opportunity to deliver on many of his campaign and other promises since he has been elected. He has been preoccupied with the battle against terrorists. This evokes a further question - Can he be relied upon to effect the changes that are so necessary in the Black leadership? It is very important that he pushes ahead with his agenda while fighting terrorism. Failing to take action and deliver on his promises will have serious consequences in the upcoming elections.

   To my dear readers, I am very sorry, I cannot give my support to any candidate at this time. The race card is not yet completed. I cannot see the winner clearly. It is definitely too far to call. When it comes to politics whether it is free and fair or free from fear, I pick the winner every time. (When I was involved in politics in Guyana I picked the winner even though it was not my party while my associates claimed victory for our party). I have never failed to call the winner in the race. This time will be no exception. It wouldn't be easy. If you think John Kerry has a lot to do, the incumbent is no better off. So until the next time. Keep the Faith, God is in Charge!!!

   It will definitely be a long, hot Summer politically.