West Indies Cricket Comes Alive - The Team Needs Your Continued Prayers!!!
By Edward Harris

   It is my sincere hope that my readers had an enjoyable and blessed and enjoyable Easter. It is said that prayers move mountains and I am certain that the West Indies Cricket team was on the minds of many and were remembered in their prayers as they engaged in religious worship during the Easter. Many prayed that the level of cricket will rise from state that it was prior to the Easter weekend and it has risen.

   Captain Lara, brought life back into the game with some glorious cricket. It was cricket, lovely cricket. It happened in Antigua where the people recently recorded a popular    election victory and still in a celebrative mood rallied behind the West Indies team that motivated the players to produce one of the highest test cricket score for an inning in recent times and take Lara back to the top as being the cricketer with the highest score in a first class professional test mach. I must admit that like many of the disappointed cricket fans I almost had enough of the W.I. team but now I am back in full support of my team so that I can help to maintain the momentum and help bring the team back unto their winning ways.

   God does answers prayers and Lara is back on form, the W.I. is back in the game. The results of the final test match was disappointing but it reinforces the fact that the other international teams have a different mind set when it comes to being victorious. The only thing we can say as we attempt to save face is that we were not white washed. As we look forward to the one-day series, a cohesive alliance between the team and its supporters must be formed.

    We shared our concerns about many negative aspects of W.I. cricket, spent long hours agonizing on what should or should not be done to arrest the situation so that we can begin to win once again. Are we going to abandon the many ideas we developed to bring about changes in the fortunes of W.I. cricket? Prior to the success in the Antiguan game, we were suggesting that business of W.I. cricket be more visible especially in the area of selection and team management. High on the agenda was the need for our cricketers to be exposed to motivational gurus in an effort to have values of success implanted in their minds. Cricket must be seen as more than merely a game whether winning or losing, it doesn’t matter. It is about national and regional pride. It is about being the best at what we do, cricket included. When Lara makes 400 runs in one inning, people of the region are energized. We rise up. We are air borne. That is what cricket is about – to bring people together and energise them, whether young or old, fit, feeble or physically challenged.

   When just a few days ago Caribbean people were hanging their heads in shame and wondering what has become of the joys of winning we were accustomed to and have enjoyed not so long ago?  Some persons even suggested that the time has come to review the method of payment of the team and a basic retainer plus an incentive system be implemented. Although the game of cricket is very unpredictable, attitude is of vital importance. What is the mind set of our players when it comes to the game? Are they committed to winning? I feel that it is part of the wider behavioral pattern which has developed in recent years, where everything is cool, no problem. Things will work themselves out producing good or bad results, it doesn’t matter.

   We have the momentum, at least I feel that I have a reason to be at the Beausejour Cricket Ground in St. Lucia May 1 & 2. I am looking forward to members of the team following in the footsteps of their captain and prove the world wrong and reverse the negative results from hereon.

   Upon the change of fortune as experienced in Antigua, the team should have held a thanksgiving service and thank God for answered prayers. After all, it is the prayers of the faithful that produced the Miracle of batting prowess and saved the team from white wash. Are spiritual values promoted within the West Indies Cricket Team? I feel that strong spiritual values could well be the transforming force in W.I. cricket.

   Like always, keep the faith, God is in charge!