The Annual General Meeting of the St. Lucia Industrial & Small Business Association was held on Sunday 25/7/04 at the Cara Suites Hotel, La Pansee, Castries.

The Open Session was chaired by Mr. Eldridge Stephens, 2nd Vice President of the Association. The meeting was well attended and received reports from the President – Mr. Patrick Joseph and Secretary/Treasurer – Mrs. Flavia Cherry whose report was read by Mr. Eldridge Stephens – 2nd Vice President. Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Minister of Commerce, Tourism, Investment & Consumer Affairs was the Guest Speaker

Highlights of the meeting:

  1. President, Pat Joseph drew to the meeting’s attention the gift by Financial Investment & Consultancy Services (FICS) of the use of an office for 3 years, which was burnt down the week that the furniture and equipment were moved in. The Government of St. Lucia has come forward with support in the tune of one hundred thousand EC dollars (EC$100,000.00) which will provide for office space and other related expenses for one year.
  2. In the Open Session, apart from the reports, the Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Minister of Commerce, Tourism, Investment & Consumer Affairs who was scheduled to give Remarks gave the Feature Address in the absence of Mr. Jonathan Adams, President of the Small Enterprising Business Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SEBA) who missed his flight to St. Lucia.
  3. The Minister lauded the Association for its selection of the theme “Regrouping and Rebuilding for Success” He gave notice that the Small Business Act of 1998 will be implemented and went on to make the following points:- a) A Registrar of Micro and Small Businesses will be appointed. b) SEDU will be designed to facilitate the Act. c) The Consumption Tax Act will be amended to pay tax only on direct ex-factory cost.. d) The Tariffication System will shortly be reviewed for implementation. e) The Ministry will shortly invite businesspersons to discuss what goods and services they can provide to meet demands of the Cricket World Cup. f) He advised that it is important that the base of the membership of the Association be expanded. g) He warned that Entrepreneurs must not be overcome by negatives and that providers of goods and services must be in a position to compete with external sources.
  4. In the closed session the Bye-Laws of the Association was introduced and was unanimously approved.
  5. Past Presidents of the Association were presented with Plaques and Certificates of Appreciation
  6. The following persons were elected to the Management Committee - 2004/2005 President – Patrick Joseph
    1st Vice President – Eldridge Stephens
    2nd Vice President – Bryan James
    Secretary – Mrs. Calista Mc Lawrence
    Treasurer – Priestly Louison
    Committee Members:
    Peter Clarke
    John Honora
    Tedburt Theobalds
    Immediate Past President – Edward Harris

The Association is poised for great things in the ensuing year and it will need the support of all businesspersons operating in the Small Business Sector.