By Edward Harris


Almost in every established office there is a computer. Computers can be found in many homes but are we making effective use of this wonder equipment. It will surprise you that although computers are everywhere, many of their owners leave the task of dealing with the computer to their younger staff and children.  It is time that the owners especially businessperson sit behind these computers and effectively utilize them to be ahead of the competition.

   There is information overload on the Internet. People want to share their views and establish their knowledge of a particular subject whether general or specific. I would like to see myself as someone who wishes to share my experiences and I have several years ago found a way of reaching my neighbours in the global village via the Internet. Visit my website at In today’s technological age, there is hardly any information that cannot be found on the Internet.

   On 27/8/04 a unique project was launched in St. Lucia at the OECS Conference Room at the Morne, Castries. The ECNETNEWS is organized by the Grenadian Voice with the assistance of UNESCO/IPDC (International Programme for the Development of Communication). Dr The Honourable Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of St. Lucia and  Chairman of the OECS spoke at the opening ceremony which was attended Mrs. Jocelyne Josiah, UNESCO Adviser in Communication & Information, Dr. Sam Mwangi, UNESCO Consultant who is responsible for the development of the website and Media Owners and Representatives from across the OECS. Mr. Leslie Pierre, Publisher of the Grenadian Voice chaired the proceedings.

   The organizers must be congratulated for this bold initiative. They refused to accept that there is no place for an online portal for OECS news and looked at the trend and go for the immediate goal of achieving a global reach for OECS news. People at home in the sub region and those of the Caribbean Diaspora can find all the news they can use in one place at It is a great achievement that has passed quietly with a simple ceremony.

   I feel that ECNETNEWS has done for the OECS newspapers what has been partially achieved by but there is the possibility for further cooperation as is evident with their Link on ECNETNEWS Home Page.

   The launch was followed with an Orientation Workshop on ECNETNEWS. Dr. Sam Mwangi dealt with the topic Media Convergence, Online Journalism and its Impact on Small Print Media. Mrs. Oddette Campbell who is responsible for maintaining the website demonstrated the website to the participants.

   It was well established that ECNETNEWS has a role to play and it will be sustainable. It is a work in progress.  As we approach the dawn of the CSME, this medium couldn’t be more timely. It gives OECS small business persons regardless of age, yet another challenge for them to get in front of their computers and know what is going on in the sub region and the world.

   It is a special moment for Journalists in the Sub Region as we seek to gain global exposure and I encourage you to check out the website and make your contribution in assisting to shape its future.

   Keep the Faith! God is in Charge!!!