By Edward Harris

   Once again those of us who believe there is a God have much to thank him for. Hurricane Ivan like so many other Hurricanes has passed us by. However, unlike many of the hurricanes and storms that passed over St. Lucia in the past, none had the effect of Ivan, the terrible that struck Grenada.

   When I heard the news that Ivan was headed for St. Lucia, my first response was to say to God that St. Lucia cannot deal with a hurricane at this time, and he answered and spared us. I am certain that many of my readers shared that request with God and it proves once again, the collective voice of the people and the power of prayers. We must conclude, whether believer or agnostic that we are BLESSED.

   I want to believe that God wants to bless us even further if we will surrender to his will and live in peace with one another. We must love and trust each other. Grenada can come out of the catastrophe it suffered a few days ago if the people of that nation will come together and do what is right for Grenada in an orderly fashion. It is very distressing to note that as a result of the negative things that happened that security has to be added to the discussions when it comes to national disaster preparedness.

   St. Lucia and the rest of the region must learn from the experiences of Grenada. If it can happen, it will. We must take warnings of storms and hurricanes seriously. With each passing year, the storms and hurricanes are getting more severe. I noted Cuba’s offer to train our people in aspects of disaster response. The world has recognized the expertise of the Cubans in this field. Florida should be first to recognize this available resource or will they allow their hatred for President Castro to get in the way?

   St. Lucia has a lot to be thankful for and as an expression of our gratitude, we should do everything possible to support Grenada in her time of need. I am heartened by the initial responses of the Governments of the region and Dr. The Honourable Kenny D. Anthony Prime Minister of St. Lucia call for an international response to Grenada’s disaster. (non-loan financial assistance, genuine financial disaster contribution/relief). Get out and make a financial contribution to one of the several funds or make a gift of clothing or canned foodstuff. You can only be further blessed. Remember the hurricane season has still a long way to go. It is not over yet so continue to store up your blessings. The Lord loves a cheerful giver!!!

   We are all humbled by the events of Hurricane Ivan and I am pleased to hold on to the truth that God is in Charge and because he lives, I shall keep the Faith!