The USA Elections Sen. Kerry in with a Chance, etc.
By Edward Harris

I hope you enjoyed my series of articles on Doing Business in St. Lucia. I now embark on a series of my favourite articles where I am at large and take the liberty of dealing with several topics if I wish.


   It is impossible for me to ignore the upcoming Presidential Election in the United States. It is said when America sneezes, the people of the Caribbean catch a flu. Forget the AID that America used to offer and has in recent years cut back due o the non-existence of the former communist threats. Just imagine a negative Travel Advisory/Alert and the consequence it will have on our tourism industry. The Caribbean is dependent on the USA for the survival of its tourism industry. Traveling to the Caribbean is good for Americans, apart from the warm water and white sand beaches, they are able to communicate in English and as a result they flock to the region. It is therefore necessary to conclude that Caribbean people should always maintain an interest in developments in the United States of America as they impact upon our economies.

   The pollsters are having a field day. On the last occasion in 2000, I supported Governor George W. Bush and his team. I was motivated by his promise to elevate people of colour in his administration. Was I wrong in my assessment of the power they would have to bring about change for the benefit of people of colour? That is for another article. Having looked closely at the job done by President Bush over the past 4 years, I am grossly dissatisfied with his performance and ultimately his achievements.

   I remember being the only journalist in St. Lucia in 2000 to back Governor George W. Bush to be the President of the USA. It was not an easy outcome but he was declared President. My current position of failing to endorse him for a second term is obvious. Had he performed to the satisfaction of the electorate, he would have been considerably ahead in the polls but rather he is struggling to get ahead and I have a suspicion that this time around the pollsters are wrong. Too close to call is what you get. FOX News is supposed to be fair and balanced but I think they are referring to CNN. I sense a venom in the voices and faces of a few of their talk show hosts, especially Hannity, he is aggressively negative on Senator Kerry.

   I have decided not to call the elections this time as I have become emotional in trying to understand how could so many people still hold on to a Bush/Cheney ticket when they have done almost nothing to change the lot of the poor. Instead they have empowered the rich in tax rebate and create business opportunities in Iraq. President Bush will keep his word on Iraq even if it means driving America into the drains of poverty. It is time for a new strategy. President Bush will not change course. John Kerry has shown he is man who is willing to assess his strategy and make adjustments. An uneducated guess is if President Bush is still fighting to establish a clear lead in this eleventh hour, John Kerry will be the new President but I am not at all naming the next President. If prayer works and God sees the hearts of those who are praying, then it is time for Kerry to move into the White House. But again, if it is too close to call at this stage, it is likely that Kerry will win. The President is paying the price for fighting a war that was not necessary and especially not taking his major allies along with him, leaving America to hold the bag that is proving to be bottomless. The cost so far is 220 billion and counting.

   The challenge seems to be to find a leader who will level with the American people, provide jobs, tell the real story and fight for the poor and middle class. I am so emotional about this election even being so far removed. I can imagine the emotions of members of the Caribbean Diaspora and home grown Americans. Your vote is more precious than ever and I encourage you to exercise your franchise.

   Maybe, I am overlooking a few things that I should be aware of and I guess it is because my emotions are playing out due to my disappointment in President George W. Bush’s performance over the past 4 years while so many Americans believe the opposite. I have no clear vision to call a winner. The wait is not too long. It will be over in a few days and then we will have to live with the outcome. President Bush or Senator Kerry, only God knows. I am encouraged by President Bill Clinton’s contribution to the Kerry/Edwards campaign in spite of his health condition. Senator Kerry has done what Al Gore failed to do in 2000. I feel he wasn’t grateful to the man who gave him so many opportunities to be his own man.

   Man will only be able to call the winner when the votes are counted. May your candidate win on November 2, 2004.


Senator, Hon. Julian R. Hunte, Minister of External Affairs, International Trade and Civil Aviation who recently ended his term as President of the 58th Session of the United Nations General Assembly was re appointed to the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia to the United Nations in New York, with effect from Tuesday, October 26th 2004.

   At home, Saint Lucia has a new Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Senator, Hon. Victor Philip La Corbiniere, while Senator, Hon. Petrus Compton moves to the Ministry of External Affairs, International Trade and Civil Aviation which was held by Senator, Hon. Julian R. Hunte. Both ministerial appointments took effect on 26/10/04. The Government is moving swiftly to ensure quality service to the citizens of St. Lucia at home and abroad. 


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   Keep the Faith, God is in Charge!!!

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