Reaching out, sharing the Experiences in Business!!!

   There are many successful businesspersons in our midst who could do our nation much good if they will share their experiences. Coaching is in a new way of building a cadre of persons who will take action based on lessons learned. A few years ago the Government of St. Lucia honoured three prominent businessmen. I performed the function of Master of Ceremonies. I called for the production of a book detailing the lives of the successful Entrepreneurs. What better lesson could be taught in our schools than the practical success stories of sons of our country? I am certain that igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship at the primary school level will benefit the nation substantially as the students begin to see business in a positive light from an early age.

   Several years ago I was exposed to coaching when I visited a Wealth Builders Conference in Atlantic City. The system of learning from each other and sharing ideas is called networking. Coaching enhances performance by providing the necessary motivation and providing proof that it can be done.

   While we are quick to adopt many non-beneficial practices, we are slow to turn on to the proven systems that will transform lives. There are many new businesses that are working in the developed world that are yet to be introduced in this part of the world. In many cases these businesses have the ability to be duplicated. As we look forward to the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME), we must begin to expand our services overseas through Joint Ventures and direct investment in other countries of the community and beyond.

   During my term of office as the President of the Association of Eastern Caribbean Exporters (AECE), I called for an audit of industries operating in the OECS and as I write this article I feel it is timely to extend this call for an audit of the entire region so that it will be possible to identify opportunities for partnering throughout the region. Article 56 brought a number of projects to the OECS that would not have been possible hitherto. I called for a revisit of this regime as I am fully convinced that if it was applied as envisaged, it would have provided the economies of scale to make all companies under the category viable. In hindsight the Article 56 Companies should have been public companies.

   The lessons learned from the various trade regimes must be shared. Who will take the responsibility to disseminate this type of information? We need coaching at all levels of entrepreneurship. Information is key. The membership of private sector organizations needs to be updated on developments on a monthly basis so that timely action could be taken. We need to be pro active.

   This is the age of the Internet; Email News Letters can be the basis for coaching and sharing information. I have noticed in recent times that a few agencies, associations and individuals are beginning to share information on international business negotiations, etc. However, everyone is not happy with their In Box being bombarded with uninvited emails. Some will request that the practice be discontinued. To those who are involved in this process I commend your actions and request that you continue the task that will keep those who know the power of information ahead of the game.

   It is great to have a Personal Coach to be at your disposal first thing in the morning and could be available to deal with your queries with a simple phone call. It is a wonderful feeling to have the assurance that your Coach is a winner and that you are part of his winning team. America is at the stage of achievement it is because of the fact that people are not afraid to share their experiences, good or bad. They are not afraid to offer their services and charge for it. The public is prepared to pay to know of other people’s experiences. Share your ideas with the world and get rich.

   While we in the Caribbean have put down our books and turn on to the computer and television. More books are being published everyday. Everyone in the developed world who has a story to tell is telling it and becoming a millionaire. Even criminals are telling their stories to publishers and go on to get film contracts.

   I have heard a lot of negative talk about junk mail but I have found gems in them. Ideas about utilizing the Internet for success and looking at how people use the Internet to make money. There are many E-books on such subjects. I am a believer in the power of the World Wide Web and the immediacy of the email. This article will be archived at for the world to read. There are several News Groups that will provide information of how you can be successful on the Internet.

   Coaching in all areas of endeavour is helpful but it is indispensable to business. The time has come for us to develop a new culture of business cooperation, support each, other and reach out to the world with our ideas and experiences. Let us coach the world on the business culture of the Caribbean.

   Keep the Faith, God is in Charge!!!