Ronald Wilson Reagan – A man revered by many!!!

   Cable television is a blessing to many of us who use it wisely. We can in the comfort of our homes be a part of global happenings. The week long ceremonies to mark the passing of one of the greatest Presidents of the United States of America – Ronald Wilson Reagan could have been viewed across the world as the corpse journeyed from his home where he died, every step of the way from California to Washington and back.

   We saw the ordinary people lined the streets, filed pass his draped casket and world leaders, all payed their respects to one of America’s favourite Presidents. No one will ever gain the admiration of everyone publicly but in the case of President Reagan many who publicly opposed him at one time or another, can well in their hearts praised him for the good things he did that touched their lives in one way or another.

   I experienced the presidency of President Ronald Reagan as an adult and followed developments over his two terms in office.  Interestingly when he offered himself to run for the Presidency, many thought he was not up to the task but simple, honest minds have a way of doing what is right, what is in the best interest of the people, based on the cries of the people.

   President Reagan entered the White House with three things as priorities to be accomplished and he did. These three priorities were:- 1) Give back to the people their self-confidence and pride in their nation. 2) Reduce taxes so that the people will retain more of their earnings, thus financing themselves rather than the government bureaucracy. 3) Strengthen the military.

   He is being described as a humble man, a kind man, a man who put America first. A Great Communicator. A man who brought smiles to the faces of Americans even at the most serious moments. It was a confidence deeply rooted in Simplicity. I recall the words of Pastor Griffith when he delivered the sermon at the 25th Anniversary of Independence Ecumenical Service when he called upon leaders to take their tasks seriously, but themselves – lightly.

   He lived a life in public office that set the standards for other Presidents to follow. President George Bush attests to the fact that he is following in the footsteps of his mentor President Ronald Wilson Reagan. I am thrilled by the results President Reagan got from his actions. His only consideration was to do what is right, to respond to the cries of the people. He was not interested in dancing to the tune of the elite or the demands of the press seeking to direct his actions. He did what he promised to do in the best interest of everyone. He was fortunate to have a deeply devoted wife who stood by his side, in confidence that her husband was doing what is right for the people. He walked the walk and talked the talk of a leader who took his promises to the powerless seriously.

   I wonder what was the reaction in Grenada at the passing of President Reagan? They owe him a debt of gratitude or do they? Over the years visiting Grenada and other Caribbean countries, it was always a cautious moment in discussing whether it was an intervention or invasion when US forces intervened in the uprising in Grenada. I arrived on the island 8 days after calm was restored. I was searched at the airport by military personnel as everyone was suspect. However, I had good reasons for the visit. The important thing is that peace was restored and lives were saved.

   I feel that President Reagan has left a legacy for many of us around the world and that is that real leaders are few and we must not be daunted by the image of politics, with God being our Helper, he will use us as instruments to respond to the voice of the people. President Reagan heeded the call and was a blessing to America.

   God blessed him with long life, thirteen years beyond the final limit of 80 years. May his soul rest in peace and may Mrs. Nancy Reagan find the courage to celebrate the life of President Reagan.

   Keep the Faith – God is in charge!!!