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October 25, 2004

Discovery training course boosts skills for local young people

Nineteen young men and women are coming to the close of a six week self development training programme organised by Discovery at Marigot Bay and aimed at providing participants with skills to help better their chances of securing a job in the hospitality industry.

The twelve session course, which started on September 20, is being held at the Marigot Day Care Centre and has covered topics such as what an employer expects, communication skills, time management, working in a team, CVs and application letters, job interviews, confidence building, and how to handle customers.

All of the participants come from Marigot and Coolietown and range in age from 17 to 23. Over the duration of the course they have been involved in writing set pieces, enacting then discussing hospitality related scenarios, debating and working in groups.

The idea for the free training course was spawned after a series of community meetings in the Marigot area highlighted the need and the desire for community-based training which would enable local people to benefit more directly from the development of the five star Discovery at Marigot Bay Spa Resort and Marina.

The meetings were organised by the Ministry of Social Transformation’s community liaison officer for Marigot, Margaret Lebrin, and attended by project manager Sam Verity and business development manager Lynne Glasscoe, both from Discovery at Marigot Bay.

Ms Glasscoe said: “We really had a super group of young people. Not only have they worked hard and achieved a great deal, but they also had a lot of fun in the process.

“As a company, Discovery at Marigot Bay feels very strongly about giving back to the local community and playing our part as responsible and responsive corporate citizens. At all of the community meetings we have attended, the need for training was one of the major issues raised along with the desire of young people in the area to be able to capitalize on the new job opportunities which are being created as a result of the Discovery project. This training course has been a first step towards meeting these needs.”

Course participant Charlotte Emmanuel added: “This self development training programme has helped boost my self-esteem, self-confidence and has also helped me to believe there’s more to life than just being a couch potato. The best part of this course was the fact that Ms Lynne has taken time out to teach us something. She’s always encouraging us to believe in ourselves, that there is no one like me and no matter how bad it might look when I fail, determination will take me to success.”

Her words were echoed by fellow participant Charlton Benjamin, who said: “This training course helped me to know how to conduct myself when in an interview and also how to cope with life. I have learned how to build my self-confidence and I would love to participate in a further training course.”

Ms Glasscoe said the current group of young people is expected to go on to take a further six-week course which will be more geared towards the skills required for the hospitality industry.

A second group is also scheduled to start a new self-development training programme early next year.

Anyone interested in learning more about the course should contact Discovery at Marigot Bay on telephone 458 4767.

Editor’s Notes

Construction of the five-star Discovery at Marigot Bay Spa Resort and Marina will be completed in the autumn of 2005. Work is progressing according to schedule with construction being undertaken by the main contractor Johnston International Ltd.

The new resort comprises 57 luxury apartments which convert to 124 rooms and suites to make up the sole room stock of the hotel.

Doubloon International, the developers of Discovery at Marigot Bay, are also redeveloping the Marigot Bay Marina and have completed construction of 40 new berths. The construction of a Caribbean style marina village with completion scheduled to coincide with the opening of the Discovery Resort and Spa.

The US$30 million Discovery project is expected to generate over 200 jobs for St Lucians during the construction phase and over 150 jobs when in operation. Together with the major expansion of visitors to Marigot Bay, this will play a significant part in the regeneration of the local economy and help strengthen the tourism economy of St Lucia generally.

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