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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (January 31, 2010) – As the world climbs out of a difficult recession, a Barbadian financial advisor suggests that now may be the time to invest.

According to Jeremy Stephen of the Barbados Business Enterprise Corp. (BBEC), with global stock markets rebounding, resources and opportunity are becoming more abundant. “I am sure that investing in government treasuries, bonds and debentures will provide strong returns in the medium term. Here in Barbados, Government is now very ambitious in charting a new course and, although they’ve been creative in how they acquire finance so far, their cheapest way is via their traditional products,” explained Stephen.

Beyond Government financial instruments, Stephen is recommending that Barbadians consider putting their cash into real estate. “Investment in real estate is a given, especially in Barbados where the probability of experiencing negative returns is basically lessened by our high level of political stability, land scarcity, and some of the best weather with which God could bless a nation,” he said.

Twenty five year-old Stephen, the founder of DaMoola Inc. – a Barbados-based consulting firm that offers business and financial consulting services – is a member of the BBEC executive management team. BBEC manages the recently launched Barbados Entrepreneurs’ Venture Capital Fund which is focused on providing equity investments to local entrepreneurs whose ideas have global potential.

“Though not classical in the Barbadian view of investment, we are seeing the rise of alternative means of investment in the face of a growing number of new, creative, and potentially global enterprises that are locally and regionally based,” said Stephen, noting that the Barbados Entrepreneurs’ Venture Capital Fund was one such alternative opportunity.

“We have a hybrid form of venture capital that we at BBEC spearheaded, which offers sound returns while investing in an area normally untouched by our financial institutions: small businesses with the DNA of an elephant,” noted Stephen. “It’s simply a case of demand and supply. Research shows that with growth in global demand for small business products outpacing the supply of those products, if these businesses are encouraged to flourish, the future of investing in this area will have no conceivable end,” he assured.

At the recent launch of the Barbados Entrepreneurs’ Venture Capital Fund, Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson announced a government guarantee on any principal amount invested in the fund. BBEC is actively engaged in seeking private sector investment – local, regional and international – now that this government guarantee has been announced.

The Venture Capital Fund promises to quickly respond to the investment needs of entrepreneurs whose ideas have the “DNA of an elephant”. Almost 40 local businesses are expected to benefit from the fund over the next year.

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About Barbados Business Enterprise Corp.
Barbados Business Enterprise Corp. (BBEC) is a public/private sector partnership with the Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (CBET) Inc. BBEC manages the Barbados Revolving Seed Capital Fund and the Barbados Entrepreneurs’ Venture Capital Fund. BBEC is a virtual organisation that focuses on promoting economic development in Barbados. The trustees of BBEC are respected Barbadian business and development experts, Sir Neville Nicholls (Chairman), Sir Stephen Emtage, Peter Boos and Hazel Highland.


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