August 18, 2011

Harris At Large!


 The politicians in the United States of America can surely do a better job. There must be a change of approach if they are to maintain their respect as the leading democracy in the world. The American people are in the middle of nowhere when it comes to the real state of their economic affairs. What does downgrading of the credit rating from AAA to AA+ by one agency and the refusal of the others to follow suit. What about the job situation? Unemployment is on the lips of every politician but what about the industry leaders on both sides? What are they doing to improve conditions? What about the proud position of private sector leaders that they are the ones who create jobs. Why are they not creating jobs? Listening to the debate I get the impression that unemployment has to do with the level of corporate taxes levied on companies.

 While the noise is in the corner of those seeking substantial reduction on current corporate taxes, there are those who feel that taxes can be reviewed upward. One of the wealthiest men in the USA – Mr. Warren Buffet favours increased taxes. The debate is heading for an obvious conclusion that there needs to be an overhauling of the tax and social benefit structures. President Obama is correct; there should be a balanced approach. The very jobs that are the concern of every politician will take a further hit if the social services are reduced. What is really needed is control of the indiscriminate fees charged by the Health Care Institutions. No politician wants to deal with the problem head on. It is all about the high cost of health care. Sometimes a patient is asked to do several tests when one will do. President Obama noted that and in my opinion it appears that he is ready to take on the GOP head on. The next few weeks are going to be critical.

 The 2012 election campaign will be a very noisy season.  The tea party crowd will be really loud but I also feel it will be a defining moment for them. I don’t believe that the majority of Americans were satisfied with the way the raising of the debt ceiling issue was handled. There was no need to link the debt ceiling with the reduction in spending. It was necessary to prioritise the process. Get the debt ceiling out of the way and then deal with spending cuts.

 Here in St. Lucia there is a new trend with politicians in opposition stepping out to assist the communities they represent or hope to represent. I always asked the question why politicians in opposition are helpless and can only do things for their constituents when they are in government? This is changing now and it is a good thing. The life of a politician should be one of service whether in or out of office.

 The election season in St. Lucia is very much upon us and the politicians have begun to sharpen their swords. There are interesting days ahead. Many persons have already predicted the outcome, unfortunately politics is like cricket and it is never over until it is over. In the months ahead it will become clearer as to the likely outcome. In the meantime, as always the voters have a responsibility to cast their ballot. Whether it is rock the vote or get out the vote, the voter turn out has to be improved. Our young people must be taught to respect the gains made by their fore parents who struggled to achieve adult suffrage. This is not to be taken lightly and their victory must be celebrated by everyone who has attained voting age and is registered by casting his/her ballot.

 The road ahead is not easy for politicians as the majority of people have grown to rely on them for their survival. Self Help, Self Reliance, Self Determination, Self Worth, Self Esteem, are all words that are needed to give meaning in the lives of the people. When self worth is truly established in the minds of the people, only then will they be in a position to enter into meaningful partnership with the government.

 There are some fundamental steps that must be taken to get the people to contribute meaningfully to the progress of the nation. The first step is to open the door to dialogue with the people. The people should be involved every step of the way in issues that affect them.

 The main aspiration of the people everywhere, above all is to enjoy a reasonable standard of living and this can only be realized when the people are fully behind their leadership.

 Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Author, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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