March 3.3.22


“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.” — Ernest Hemingway, 1946

The headline is the question on everybody’s mind today. The NATO block and other democracies stood together on a vote to take action against Russia for the atrocities that it is committing against Ukraine at this moment. It is very wrong, and all peace loving people know that. This is the season of the bullies of the world. The strong men are coming out of their caves. This is a trend that is very likely to expand into other regions of the world. NATO and the United Nations will have to become deeply involved in defusing possible hot spots around the world.

Many religious leaders with the gift of prophecy are reaching out to the Bible for guidance. Many refer to this period as the end time when there will be war and rumours of war. Is the time of our transformation approaching? No one really knows except for our Creator who alone knows the time of the great event. These are definitely serious times. We need to turn to prayer and call upon our heavenly Father to intervene. In the meantime, we must get into a state of readiness to defend our countries with all our might.

The stand taken by President Zelenskyy of Ukraine must not be taken lightly; he stands with the men of his country and vowed to fight to the end. The world needs more committed men and women like him. The majority of leaders would have been on the first flight out of their country when confronted with such a formidable enemy. He is willing to give up his life for the country he leads and loves. Unfortunately, the type of direct military assistance he needs from friendly nations to put boots on the ground cannot be provided due to international convention. While there is a need for friendly nations to put boots on the ground, in doing so the current war has the potential to escalate into an all out war where it will be a case of right versus wrong. We are living in dangerous times. These are not days of fighting on the ground; it is fighting from the air and cyberspace. Where is the power of reasoning? All that we see is the taking of sides. There is no in between. The coin of world politics only has two sides, for or against. You are either for us or against us. The third side, the voice of reason which is the United Nations is being ignored. The aggressors in this new age take whatever action they deem necessary regardless of international conventions.

The efforts of President Joe Biden and his team to bring together their NATO allies, and other democratic and peace loving nations must be commended. In his State of the Union address last Tuesday evening, he pledged support to the people of Ukraine and other non communist countries, to stand with them within the framework of the UN Charter. The border nations are also being supported at the moment with US troops and military supplies.

There is a need for sobering voices in our world today. It seems that no one is talking sense into President Putin’s head. This situation must be given every consideration that will result in an early conclusion of the war. Too much is at stake. The loss of life and property is too great to be ignored. It is so sad to see husbands saying farewell to family members at the border and returning to the battlefield. Many will not see each other again, not in this lifetime. Families will be seriously disrupted. There is very little left in our power to do. Let us pray for peace. I feel the pain of the people of Ukraine.

When we look around our world today, almost everything points to disorder, it is for those of us who still enjoy democracy to savour it and do all things necessary to ensure that freedom reigns. Let us commit to become Ambassadors of Peace. We need to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine in whatever way we can to lessen their burdens.

Finally, we must give special thanks to our Creator for the ease in cases of the COVID 19 virus and deaths resulting from this scourge. However, we must exercise caution and continue to apply the protocols as needed, always bearing in mind that it is not over yet.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe! Blessings!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

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