May 20, 2006

Edward Harris At Large


In the business world of today, you need to be involved at two levels. You need to be an Entrepreneur and a Netrepreneur, making money in your physical and virtual offices, whether you are awake or asleep. When you have instituted such an approach, you are truly doing business globally.

In recent weeks, it has become apparent to me that persons like me who would rather operate as a Netrepreneur are being left out of the loop because we cannot effectively transact business with PAY PAL. To do so a person must be based in a country that is listed by them and must also have an established US bank account. I guess that US based Netrepreneurs are very comfortable with Pay Pal as they seek to ensure the security of their customers’ transactions. This does not help us in the Caribbean as many of our States are not certified to do business with Pay Pal. I am led to believe that it has to do with Banking Legislation in the countries within the region. It is necessary for those of us who seek to be Netrepreneurs to establish US bank accounts and addresses so that we can effectively do business in the USA and the rest of the developed world. As a result, for sometime, I have been considering establishing a base in the State of Florida.

There are so many internet offerings available today that it is clear to me that no matter whatever conventional business that you are involved with, you must have an internet based business. You cannot help but see the opportunities whether it is in the MLM field or any area that fits your interest. Internet driven businesses are in the vanguard of the new frontier that is already experiencing phenomenal growth, and there is no way that the demand for the various products and services will ever dry up.

To ensure that we get into the action in a real way, we must combine our resources, and gather all the relevant information on the various money making internet ventures. To acquire this knowledge, it will take investment in information that is being peddled by the many gurus who come up with successful programmes and make millions just by marketing them. To keep abreast of what is breaking news, it is necessary for you to join various blogs and subscribe to mailing lists from various sources of entrepreneural material on the internet.

I have been pursuing business and professional groups in the USA for a few months, because as I indicated in my column a few weeks ago, I would like to see more American Entrepreneurs, and professional sports and music personalities invest in the Caribbean, especially in St. Lucia where there are lots of opportunities in the tourism sector. I happen to know that when an initial offering is made on time share and apartment resort hotels, between pre construction and completion, there is a substantial return on investment. At any stage of the development, there is profit to be made on the investment, not to mention if the investor has the staying power to hold on to the investment until the completion of the project which is usually completed within between 2 to 3 years. I am dedicated to doing everything possible via the internet to attract American investors to our shores. I hasten to state that I am fully convinced that we can do with their presence in all sectors of the economy, especially the services sector.

How can we take advantage of the golden opportunities that are out there in internet land? To all the persons who will read this article, I appeal to you to join me in doing something about reaching out to persons with knowledge of the internet and the related businesses with the aim of sharing information about opportunities on the World Wide Web. Please share this invitation with your internet savvy friends and associates. I can be reached at email: The time is now for us to get together and establish an Association of Netrepreneurs with the principal purpose of establishing St. Lucia as a destination for internet related businesses – globally. We cannot afford to be left out of the loop of the information technology wave that is still holding it own against the wellness and energy saving emerging trillion dollar industries.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge!

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