October 4, 2007

Edward Harris At Large!


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its cultural diversity is so rich that it caused the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to take note and in recent months have been featuring aspects of life in India. Incredible India! The Spirituality, Food, Dance, Customs and much more that make India the incredible nation that it is. Visit and get an appreciation for India and its people.

It is important to note that the cultural aspects of this nation drive its economy. Their weddings are out of this world and the affluence of families is pushed to the limit. It is all about the tradition. The richness of the culture was seen in a recent five day wedding celebration by an Indian family in St. Lucia. There is no limit to what is spent in ensuring that happiness is engendered in the lives of the newly wed. The Dowry in many instances is a starting point in the financial foundation of the couple. The wedding ceremony draws on life’s experiences and teaches lessons in marital and family relationship. The Hindu culture has many values that the world can learn from.

India’s impact on the global technology business is the direct result of a well planned strategy to exploit a growth sector and gain dominance in the market place. The Indian public and private sectors trained their people to provide the type of service that will be in demand at competitive prices. Services exports generally have come of age and India is providing services to the world. Their technology, nursing and other professional services are in demand around the world. This did not happen by accident and because English is widely spoken in India, they are able to provide services to the major English speaking developed economies around the world.

In recent times, India has become a major supplier of competitively priced industrial machinery and equipment to the world. It can be a source for small businesspersons to get into small scale manufacturing. Indian technology has taken its place in the world market. A St. Lucian manufacturer is already taking advantage of the Indian technology. The time has come for our business people to look to India as a source for all types of goods and services.

The best approach is to find a company that is prepared to work with you to provide sources for your supplies at internationally competitive prices. Individuals with large construction projects can also benefit from a relationship with a Buying House in India. It has been a while since I have shared with you a real business opportunity and this could be one. If India has it, this company can source it. Just request it and they will respond to you. It is a Multi-Product General Trading Company with a team of young, professionally qualified personnel from India, dealing in wide varieties of industrial and consumer products. The Company has emerged as a reliable supply source for various products and seeks to work with companies/individuals as their India associates. Here is a listing of some of the products they are already providing:
Industry and products: *Pet Bottles Making Plant (1 ltr to 20 ltrs bottle) with or without complete bottling plant *Injection Moulding Machines with moulds for making any plastic products from small pvc straps of 1” to chairs (any plastic products) * Extruders to make plastic pipes, gutters, etc. *Construction Machinery *Steel Products *Granite, Marble and ceramic products *Plastic Products *Tools *Pharmaceuticals *Electrical appliances *Power appliance like Inveters, UPS & Cables *Hope Appliances *Kitchen Appliances including Stainless Steel Sinks *Educational toys, board games etc. *Herbal cosmetic products *Material handling equipments *Solar products – Solar water heaters, Solar Power plants *Furnaces *Wooden Doors *Hand Tools and Machine Tools *Moulds & Dyes.
Shipments from India take approximately 60 days. The company will ship break bulk and container loads.

They will be pleased to locate suppliers and provide quote for any product produced in India for Export. Direct your enquiries to: K.VERMA, DIRECTOR – KANNU IMPEX INDIA PVT. LTD. 316, 3rd Floor, “BEST ARCADE” Plot No.-3, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075 Tel : +91 11 28032944/45 Fax : +91 11 45537997 EMAIL:

This is an opportunity for persons whether directly involved in a business enterprise or seeking to establish a business to work with a company that can assist in ensuring that they source products at competitive prices that will give them an edge in the market place. This also presents an opportunity for business persons to come together and consolidate shipments for freight advantage.

Congratulations to Mr. Roston Taylor and the new executive of the St. Lucia Manufacturers Association. Mr. Taylor was elected President of the Association at its 6th Annual General Meeting at the Bay Gardens Inn Conference Room, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Miracles in 2007!

Edward Harris

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