OCTOBER 11, 2007


The Bye Election is due early December in the Micoud Constituency and five potential candidates have thrown their hats in the ring. Among them the Speaker of the House, Hon. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun and the young, dynamic daughter of the late Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Sir John Compton – Mrs. Jeannine Rambally.

I had my bets out after listening to Lady Janice Compton address to those gathered at the funeral service for her deceased husband that she was very likely to step up to represent the Micoud South Constituency which her husband never lost at the polls. However when the moment arose last Sunday for declaration of intentions Mrs. Jeannine Rambally was right there to keep the torch burning on behalf of her family.

The political analysts are having a field day and one of them is on record as recommending that all the persons interested in offering themselves up to represent the constituency should go up as UWP Independents, alluding to the fact that Sir John Compton contested the seat as an Independent when he won the seat the first time. There is no chance for any sane political grouping to accept such a suggestion. That would leave the door wide open for the SLP to take the seat. Even two prominent persons within the UWP contesting as UWP Independents could cause the SLP to win.

The meeting called last Sunday was to rally supporters who will now activate a constituency group to elect the candidate of their choice to represent them. In the meantime, the SLP headed by Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony is waiting in the wings to make a decision whether to contest the seat which will be a no contest if a single candidate representing the UWP emerges at the next meeting of the constituency group.

If the love demonstrated by the people at the passing of the Father of the Nation and the outpouring of sympathy to the family, then it should be easy sailing for Mrs. Jeannine Rambally as she enters the initial and ultimate race to enter the House of Parliament.

In the meantime, the new Prime Minister, Hon. Stephenson King is settling down to the business of governing the nation and his Cabinet Ministers are getting on with the job. The streets of Castries are resurfaced and the multi storied building formerly owned by J Q Charles Ltd. is showing signs of nearing completion, possibly before the Christmas Season to give the much needed boost to shopping in the city centre. The entire ground floor should be restaurants opening up to midnight and the Boulevard should be a beautifully lit place to sit and relax. The city should be a place to visit day and night and not get away from in the evening. Tourism will be given a boost with the opening up of Castries as a shopping and entertainment destination. Concert in the Boulevard!

St. Lucians prayed for a good opposition and the SLP is surely keeping the Government on its toes. They are definitely maintaining the pressure on the Government even with demonstration against alleged victimization. Elected members of the SLP are quite visible in the media and generally doing what is expected of them. At a recently held meeting, it was made abundantly clear that there would be no challenge to the leader of the party Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony at the upcoming convention.

It is up to St. Lucians to watch and pray that St. Lucia remains a country that is the envy of the rest of the region and a model small island developing State to the rest of the world.

St. Lucia is still a great place to call home and as always my advice to the Diaspora is to own a Piece of the Rock. If you already own a piece, add value to it.

As always, Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Miracles in 2007!

Edward Harris

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