Have you heard about SYNDROME X?

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I have taken the decision to share with you some information which came to my attention 4 weeks ago and my friend was so confident, she provided me with a bottle of Alfa PXP Forte. All that she said about the product about how it will help me, I am having great results.

You can have all the amenities of life and your health is threatened, you cannot enjoy the lifestyle you earned. I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in Health so that you can truly enjoy an abundant life! This is the will of our Saviour concerning us.

Most of us are aware of the effects of Syndrome X but have not been introduced directly to the subject.

Please take a few moments to review the information provided hereunder:

The Science of Alfa PXP Forte
Ancient Nutrition meets 21st Century Technology
Alfa PXP Forte begins with pure, native strains of Thailand rice specially selected by our top rice DNA experts…
These experts constantly seek out the most potent rice strains grown in the Siam Valley and verify that they are grown in pure soils free from pollution with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Their goal: Create the ultimate functional food that 100% nutrient bioavailable cells recognize and convert instantly to pure, potent energy.

Next, each rice field is monitored carefully to ensure that the rice is harvested at exactly the right time for maximum nutrient content. Using the latest in cutting-edge digitally-controlled manufacturing technology, the rice is rushed from the fields to the GMP – approved factory and placed in specially – designed extraction units that use a bio-activation process created just for PSP extraction called Alfaglycanization. This process uses nanonization and mechanical hydrolyzation to create PXPs with the functional characteristics needed to be recognized by your cells and DNA. This space-age technology captures the vital nutrients in each grain of rice, extracts them safely, and creates a bio-available powder that is easily recognized and quickly absorbed.

At last, Alfa PXP Forte is blended in a perfectly balanced ratio with Alfa Spirulina. Alfa Spirulina has been nurtured for 20 years – over 8000 generations. This commitment has created a unique spirulina strain that is only grown in pristine Pacific ocean waters drawn from depths of thousands of feet, combined with pure rainforest aquifer water. Harvested at their nutritional peak, each spirulina strand is carefully quick-cold processed in an oxygen-free environment, protecting its nutrient density and cellular integrity.

This unique combination of Alfa PXP Forte and Alfa Spirulina combines the legendary healing properties of nutrients from the land and sea for nutrition you can feel.
Alfa PXP Forte
 Ensures rapid absorption of nutrients
 Mixes instantly in water, juice or food
 Contains pure polysaccharide peptides
 Rich in spirulina from the Pacific Ocean
 Is the only known source of Alfa-glycans
 Is completely pesticide – free

Syndrome X
The Modern Day Plague
For decades, doctors had noted that seemingly unrelated health problems can increase the risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer – but connecting the dots – proving that all of the disorders and symptoms below are really just pieces of one syndrome took decades…
Do any of these sound familiar?
• Fatigue
• Sleepiness after meals
• Intense carb cravings
• Mood swings
• Weight gain
• Afternoon blahs
• Achiness
• Malnutrition
• Free radical damage
• Hunger even after eating
• Poor concentration
• Elevated cholesterol
• Elevated triglycerides
• High blood pressure
• Poor memory
• Difficulty losing weight
• Hormonal disturbances
• Fluid retention
• Nerve damage
• Skin tags
• Sleep apnea
• Premature aging

Syndrome X – the name given to this syndrome – leads directly to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and premature death. Syndrome X can remain hidden for years, masquerading as symptoms of other conditions. It is estimated that up to 50% of the American population has already fallen victim to Syndrome X generates massive numbers of cell-damaging free radicals – the toxic particles that rip through your body’s cells causing damage, mutation or death.
But there is good news…

Syndrome X is a nutritional disease. It’s caused by eating the wrong foods and cured by eating the right ones. Fresh fruits and vegetables combined with powerful antioxidant supplementation is the key to preventing or minimizing the impact of Syndrome X.
While recovery doesn’t come overnight, you will feel better instantly by following these three, simple steps:
1. Eat a diet rich in whole fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meats
2. Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day
3. Use Alfa PXP Forte daily for a super-boost of powerful antioxidant nutrition

And remember: the more consistent you are, the faster you’ll feel great!

Further information, please visit: https://7072558.enzacta.com

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