May 9, 2012 

Harris At Large!


Welcome to all the visitors to our beautiful island for St. Lucia Jazz 2012. It is one hell of a party. St. Lucia nice! St. Lucia Beautiful! St. Lucia is the party headquarters of the Eastern Caribbean! Let your imagination reveal what St. Lucia really is. There is never a dull moment in St. Lucia. This year the organisers of St. Lucia Jazz have something to shout about. St. Lucia is celebrating twenty one years of continued success as a Jazz destination. The line up is great. Mother’s Day will be a special party this year as Pigeon Island is set ablaze musically. Let us pray that the weather holds.

I have heard statements like St. Lucia is Paradise, St. Lucia is Simply Beautiful, etc., and after living on this beautiful island for more than half of my adult life I tend to agree with those persons with discerning eyes have found St. Lucia to be truly Paradise. When I see people really enjoying themselves, unlike many among us, I feel that this is heaven which is the opposite thinking of many so called Christians. Many see the revelry as sin. Some people claim if this is hell, heaven could wait. St. Lucia is Paradise where there is always a reason for people to celebrate. We are truly giving thanks in song and dance. Be happy!

The Southerners have had their fair share of Jazz even though   the weather has not been very kind. Things are happening in the South, the entertainment aspect of life is getting better. There is variety in the entertainment offerings and more people are living it up. In spite of the state of things, though getting better, the people in the South are still waiting for a big project to commence so that things could really get going. I hope it wouldn’t be long.

It would be amiss of me if I fail to mention something about the 2012/2013 Budget. There is something for everyone, take your piece of the pie and run with it. I get the feeling that the government is wiping the slate clean and starting a fresh as it relates to fiscal incentives for the manufacturing and tourism sectors. Then there is amnesty on income and corporation taxes.

There has been noticeable improvement in the way the people’s business is being undertaken by the SLP government and I see many more in the immediate future. Transparency, accountability, justice are virtues that will hopefully evolve.

I am hoping that the actors who have to implement the various aspects of the Buget that relates to the growth of the economy will pursue their mandate with the greatest level of efficiency. Time is not on our side. Procrastination must be erased from our vocabulary. In business the management accounts for their achievements during the year under review. I look forward to see this happening at the next budget when the Honourable Prime Minister will look back and report on the achievements. That will be great and yet another indication of accountability.

I noted a bit of interesting news in Caribbean 360 In The Press, 8/5/12 “State Department launches $100,000 business competition to spur jobs in the Caribbean through partnerships with members of the Caribbean diaspora living the U.S., Canada and the U.K.” This programme will encourage joint venture relationship. In past articles I drew my readers’ attention to such programmes. I am firmly convinced that this is one sure way of injecting new business ideas, especially in the services sector. Let us open the door to making St. Lucia an outstanding destination for business and pleasure.

Here is my motivational piece of the week: 


Success on any major scale requires that you accept responsibility.

   The one quality that all successful people have is their ability to take on responsibility.

   You must choose the thoughts and actions that will lead you on to success. Nothing will happen by itself.

   It can all come your way, once you understand that you have to make it come your way, by your own exertions.

   Find your pathway to success and begin your journey. Your life will become what you make of it.

   The golden opportunity you are seeking lies within you. It’s not in your environment. It’s not in luck or chance, or the help of others. It’s in you alone.

   Opportunity is all around you. And if the door of opportunity is closed, you must keep on knocking on it, and keep on knocking on it until it opens.

   You’ll develop your opportunity by applying persistence to your possibilities. Success won’t come to you, you must go to it. Become an opener of doors.

© 2012 

So my dear readers, whatever follows St. Lucia Jazz 2012 or Carnival 2012, whether it is the Labour Code in August or Value Added Tax (VAT) in September, in the meantime – let us enjoy this side of heaven. While visiting do take some to look at investment opportunities on our beautiful island where we mix business and pleasure in a unique way.

Happy Mother’s Day to my all my readers. 

Remember always to Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles! 

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant


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