March 25, 2013


Ed Harris is back! Yes I am back! My first order of business is to share with my readers the benefits of an Industry which time has come, specifically for those persons in the region who until now, this business has eluded. Some may claim that MLM is the industry of the future. I say MLM is the industry of and for NOW! MLM can now be seen as a global industry fueled by technology in the true sense, where there are limitless opportunities.

In preparing for this series of articles, I am conscious of the fact that I will have to do a lot of research and take an in-depth look into the writings of many authorities in and outside of the industry.
Multi Level Marketing in its current form with the Downline approach was first started in the 1940s by California Vitamins, later changed to Nutrilite. Amway (American Way) came along in 1959 founded by Richard Devos and Jay Van Andel who were involved in MLM from the early days. There are 50 million people worldwide in the MLM business.

My principal objective is to share my experiences and inform my readers about the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Industry. Too many people are casting aspersions at the Industry without any knowledge of its workings. There is a resurgence of the industry in St. Lucia. There are about five companies that are active in the market at this time. In the past six to eight weeks two companies have been expanding their businesses rapidly among St. Lucians. It is time that proper attention is given to the virtues of the industry. The leaders among us must inform themselves about the industry and endorse it as President Clinton, industry leaders in the USA and around the world, including Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and others have done.

It is time to stand up and take notice of the impact of the MLM industry on employment and the economy in the developed countries. The MLM industry has produced more millionaires than any other industry in the world.

I started my career in Direct Selling with Fuller and later Stanley Home. In my latter involvement, I promoted home parties to sell the products in the village of Beterverwagting on the East Coast of Demerara in Guyana where I was born. That was a long time ago. In recent years, I joined companies offering pain relief, fuel saving, nutraceuticals, technology platforms, etc. At one time I asked myself what is going on? Am I a junkie? I went on two MLM cruises just trying to find out who are really the winners in the MLM business? I met with persons from all walks of life who made it to the top of their companies. On those two cruises, I met a gentleman who flies his helicopter to work to avoid the traffic. I spoke with respected leaders in the industry who have built organizations of thousands of persons in their Downline. I also met trainers who traveled the world sharing their knowledge with persons interested in the MLM industry and orgainisations. I discovered on the first cruise that many companies’ products or services cannot be effectively introduced in our region. I also noted that every company gets persons to join them regardless. Some products that are sold through the MLM business system would leave one to wonder who buys those products. However, everything sells.

So after many unsuccessful experiences with the MLM businesses, two cruises with successful MLMers, why, even when I was not actually involved in the business, am I still hooked on MLM? As I look back on my many experiences of the past, I place my failings strictly on my emotional approach and failure to do my home work. Let’s call it a lack of Due Diligence. Today, I am older and wiser. I subscribe to a number of blogs and newsletters from the Gurus in the industry in an attempt to inform myself. My mentor is Rod Cook whom I had the privilege of meeting on both cruises. He will always be remembered for this quote. “MLM is Good! It is the only hope for the little guy/gal!” I have held fast to those words since I met Rod and had the pleasure of subscribing to his writings at He has on his site – Steps in identifying a Good MLM company. A must read for those persons interested in getting involved in the MLM Industry.

The MLM industry can reduce the unemployment situation in St. Lucia and the rest of the region. There are several organizations in St. Lucia targeting the poor and vulnerable. As a first step it will be interesting to see an organization like National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) investing in a pilot project of 100 recruits as Distributors in the MLM industry and as a further stimulus request Government to allow duty free import of MLM products at least for two years.

I see MLM as a boost to struggling organizations, many relying on government for subvention when they can generate their own funds through MLM. I feel there is an urgent need for a National Convention on MLM. This initiative is likely to sensitise leaders at all levels whose decision can impact upon the employment situation and the economy as a whole.

Next week, we will look at the selection of a MLM company. What do you look for in a company that you will like to be associated with.
I will like to invite persons who have been involved in Multi Level Marketing and those who are currently building their businesses to share their experiences in no more than 300 words with me. I will be pleased to give credit to individuals for their contribution.
Happy Easter to my readers everywhere!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Daily Miracles.

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