April 4, 2013

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter and have been renewed in spirit to take on the challenges of these difficult economic times. The million dollar question is – what can you do differently to supplement your current income or find employment? There is one Industry that will significantly impact your income and change your lifestyle in as little as ninety days. That industry is Multi Level Marketing/Network Marketing which is one of the few platforms where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Since my first article on the subject of MLM, I guess many of my readers took the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the workings of this life changing industry. In your research, I guess you found many things worrisome about the industry. How it is all about pyramid schemes and there is nothing good about the industry. Some persons feel this business is not for people in the Caribbean and St. Lucia doesn’t have a large enough population to sustain MLM businesses. There was a time when that was partly true.
With the advent of the Internet and Social Media, MLM is now a global business. From the comfort of your home you can communicate with the world. Establish relationships with strangers, get to know them and develop a sense of trust, and ultimately do business with them. So you can develop your MLM business with your downline consisting of persons from around the world. The MLM industry is one of the few industries where technology has leveled the playing field. The MLM business is also non discriminatory. You can emerge to the top regardless of your race, colour, religion, educational background, financial status, or social class.

Don’t be carried away with the negatives you will read or hear about. Ask yourself a couple of questions – are all MLM companies bad? Are there no genuine ones? The truth is – there are many excellent companies around the world. Seek out the truth. Check Google Search for the top one hundred MLM companies in the world, and the top one hundred companies in the United States of America. Keep up to date on developments in the Industry and find out which companies are up and which ones are down on and who is getting into trouble with the law or treating their distributors badly at

When you are in the MLM business, you are in a real business, treat it as a business/profession. In this business you automatically become a leader of the people you bring into the company and there is nothing stopping you from making more money than the person who introduced you to the business. The more I look into this industry, the more I get excited about it. Take care of your team; get the best results for your company and team. Stay in touch. From time to time companies will fail, compensation plans will change resulting in fall out with Distributors. Leaders have been known to walk away with their entire downline. It is just like in the job market, if you are not satisfied with your terms and conditions, you move to greener pastures. There are thousands of MLM companies to choose from. Always remember there are many good ones out there. Thank God there are good MLM companies. You may have had bad experiences in the business but this is not an Industry to walk away from especially at this time. It is the business not only of the future, it is the business of the moment.

It is time the leaders in the Industry start talking with each other and begin to make representation to Government for waiver of custom levies on Imports that are sourced under the MLM business model.
There are stories where the MLM industry has made significant contributions to communities by contributing to training, employment and the economy. The MLM business is a home based business where self motivated, purpose driven individuals prosper.

I will like to invite persons who have been involved in Multi Level Marketing and those who are currently building their businesses to share their experiences in no more than 300 words with me. I will be pleased to give credit to individuals for their contribution.
Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Daily Miracles.

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