A Better Way is Possible!

March 4, 2021

Harris at Large!

A Better Way is Possible!

“Those who believe that Politics and Religion do not mix, understand neither.” Albert Einstein

Something is happening that the citizens of the world need to stand up and take note. There is divine intervention in our world today, calling upon us to be still and recognise that human beings by themselves are nothing. How much clearer do we need to see the writing on the wall? We are called upon to wear masks and apply social distancing to protect ourselves from COVID 19 and its variants. As a result, we are no longer able to exercise the freedoms we so much enjoyed. We are called to righteousness.

COVID 19 pandemic has slowed its pace of infection and deaths in recent days. With the gains we have made, many are hastening to get back to business as usual, in spite medical professionals continue to caution us concerning our behaviour, and exhort us not to let our guards down. However, because of the leadership style by those in authority in recent years, obedience to authority is no longer observed in the manner it used to in the past. Today, confrontation under the guise of human rights seems to be the order of the day. We are at a stage where reasoning about what is right from what is wrong is lost. As someone who was brought up in an era when it was a virtue to obey the law, I stand in awe as I witness the disruptive forces at work.

We have lost many virtues along the way that would have made the peoples of the world more humane. One which comes to mind is STORY TELLING. Growing up in a small village, stories were shared in all institutions where minds were molded. We need to share our life experiences in groups so that we can learn from each other. Story telling was once the way in which we were challenged to be better citizens.

Many organisations were established in the areas of education, religion, culture, and sports to promote virtues that were platforms for building  admirable attributes. The process of socialisation in the past guaranteed that the majority of our population will be honest, decent and respectful human beings. We grew up where phrases like Manners maketh man, Honesty is the best policy, and many other sayings that were drilled into our consciousness. Repetition for emphasis mattered. By the time we became young adults, we automatically acted upon the principles that taught us to be good citizens.

What has happened to our wonderful world? Are our people overly materialistic, just thinking about fun, frolic and lewd behaviour where loud vulgar music, excessive use of indecent language have become the norm?

It is time for a wakeup call encouraging all people of goodwill to return to the former things where caring and sharing were the hallmarks of a loving existence. The incidents of homicide and suicide are much too high and must be reduced substantially. We must lower the temperature. Let us invite God back into our lives and give him a place of pre-eminence in our hearts. The scripture declares that the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom.

All is not lost but the urgency to do the right things has never been greater. There was a time when priests and pastors were responsible for shepherding the flock. They were not only responsible for feeding the flock with spiritual food but also for their physical needs. Today, the physical needs of the people are expected to be met by politicians upon whom they rely for their very existence. In another life, as a young Evangelist, I always maintained that the Spiritual Things cannot be divorced from the Physical Things. It is necessary that modern day politicians lead the way back to God, and in collaboration with religious leaders work towards making this world a better place, putting God first.

Lots of things that we have become accustomed to are in reversal of past norms to which we must return.

Stay safe. Remember Always, Yahweh is in charge; dream big and expect daily Miracles!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.com

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