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“All about midterm elections is turnouts. And turnout is measured by enthusiasm, intensity, how interested are people. And President Obama – candidate Obama had it on his side in 2008. The Democrats had it on their side in 2006. The enthusiasm, the intensity, the passion was all on their side.” Mark Shields.

Whatever happens in America impacts upon region. It is very comforting to note that when most of us thought that all was lost, the fortunes of the Democrats came bouncing back. We can do without the discomfort of having to feel the pain of being unable to see the genuine efforts by Democrats to bring relief to the citizens of the United States of America, and   countries like ours which rely on the advances of the USA to accelerate our economic progress go unnoticed by Republicans. When the citizens of the USA are happy, the citizens of many parts of the world, including the Caribbean are happy. I refer specifically to activities in Tourism – more business, more jobs, and Remittances to help family and friends at home through these difficult financial times. 

Just a few weeks ago, the prospects for President Biden at the midterm polls were very bleak. Many saw it as a disaster waiting to happen. Today, it is a song with a different tune. The song now being sung is “What a difference a day makes?” The day that Joe Manchin made the decision to go forward and do something for the people of America and by extension the world, gave Democrats the much needed boost that brings them into contention this November polls. No Democrat wants to imagine what would have been their position hadn’t this MIRACLE occurred.

It is necessary to step back a little and pick up where the GOP downturn began. The GOP controlled States rushed to enforce abortion laws that could turn innocent persons into criminals and in some cases cause loss of life to unborn babies and severe illnesses to infants. The overturn of the Roe V Wade law and the implementation of the new laws which are against abortion started a series of nationwide protests. Then the bombshell came when the Democrats without the help of any Republican passed the bills on climate, tax, and health care, to put President Biden into contention with the possibility to put the Democrats across the finishing line in the midterm elections. In July, President Biden’s job approval rating was hitting a new low. As I write this column, it is bouncing back and is currently at 40%. I am ready to predict that President Biden’s job approval rating will get a consistent boost in the coming weeks.

It is now very clear as the legislative and other gains begin to pile up, it is all a matter of turning out at the polls in November midterm elections. A Georgia Miracle is needed to be repeated, and the same approach should be adopted in all other States – Get out the Vote Campaign! Democrats must be vigilant and preserve their gains, a victory in the Senate in 2022, signals a victory in the presidential election in 2024. I can predict a toss-up in the House races. However, the Democrats have three months to promote the virtues of their programmes which should help them to gain momentum as they approach the finishing line. It must be noted that Republicans stuck together under the leadership of Senator Mitch McConnell while President Biden got what he sought even with the numbers being adjusted, by waiting it out and expecting Democratic Senators to do the right thing. Truth always wins.

In Saint Lucia after much public discussion, the Special   Prosecutor Bill was passed in the House of Assembly last Tuesday, and citizens are eagerly awaiting its implementation. There will be some anxious moments prior to and during the hearings. Media professionals will be extremely busy reporting the news.

We continue to live under the threat of COVID 19, now joined by Monkeypox which the WHO has deemed a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Fortunately, a vaccine is available for the treatment of the virus. Let us adhere to the protocols and exercise caution as we proceed with our daily lives. Keep the faith, be strong and stay safe. Blessings!Edward Harris
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