Ed Harris


Edward A. Harris is Guyanese by birth and a Citizen of St. Lucia. He lived and worked in five (5) Caricom States, namely: Guyana, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada and Jamaica. He also worked in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

He has gained considerable experience through Correspondence Courses, Workshops, Seminars, Lectures and exposures at Trade and Investment Conferences. He recently coordinated and participated in the High Impact Growth Strategy (H.I.G.S) Workshop held in St. Lucia – November 7 & 8, 2001.

Mr. Harris has traveled extensively over the years and visited all English Speaking Caricom Member States, and Paramaribo – Suriname, several Provinces in Cuba, Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, Caracas, Margarita -Venezuela, Colombia, many States within the USA, London, Brussels, Hanover, Berlin – East & West Germany, Tokyo, Chiba – Japan, and Amsterdam.

His work experiences and assignments have been varied but he has established track records in the field of Salesmanship & Practical Marketing. He worked in the capacity as Sales & Marketing Executive for Multinational and Regional Private Sector Companies, including: – Berger Paints (Guyana) Ltd, Gafsons Industries Ltd- Guyana, Stationery Manufacturers Ltd – Jamaica, and Stanthur Co. Ltd- St. Lucia where he promoted many Regional and International products represented by the Company, such as Proctor and Gamble, Jergens, Henkel Chemicals, West Indies Biscuit Company (WIBISCO), Polymer Caribbean Ltd, etc.

He was until November 1999, the Executive Chairman of Chemical Manufacturing & Investment Company Ltd, and the CEO of the Roserie Co. Ltd – St. Lucia which are well established Companies in the areas of Liquid Household Cleaning Chemical Products including, Chlorine Bleach and used Japanese Vehicles respectively.

Mr. Harris is currently the President of Millennium Investments and Consultants Brokerage which is operated by his wife and himself. The company’s principal businesses are Real Estate and Business Consultancy.

He is involved with Private Sector Associations at the local and sub-regional levels and served in the capacity as President for the St. Lucia Industrial & Small Business Association and the Association of Eastern Caribbean Exporters based in Dominica.

Mr. Harris serves his community in many areas, ie:- as a Freelance Journalist, Lecturer, and through the Rotary Club of St. Lucia- South where he has served in the capacity of Secretary, President, and Assistant District Governor and was presented with a Paul Harris Fellow Award in January of 2001 in recognition of his community involvement. He was the Patron of the 2001 Salvation Army Xmas Appeal.