Review of Ed’s latest book!

Mr Edward Harris                                                                 23rd November 2010

P.O.Box: CP5480, Castries
Rodney Bay, Gros Islet
St. Lucia

Dear Mr Harris,

I have just had the pleasure of reading your book “You Can Be A Successful Business Person!”

I was very impressed with this publication and your ability to distil the many vital ingredients of business in today’s world, into a succinct and yet extraordinarily detailed manifest of modern business.

The fact that this is deemed to be a localized reference for the 18 million inhabitants of the Caribbean countries does not detract from it value as a ‘bible’ for any person, in any society, to follow when planning their first, and future forays into business ownership.

You have underpinned the very foundations of business ownership; the building blocks that every business novice requires before they set sail into their dream of ‘being the boss’.

An outstanding reference!

Congratulations to you and to your publishers who have obviously shown faith in your ability to communicate a vital message to all MSMEs.

Yours sincerely,
Steven von Kohorn,

Baron von Kohorn zu Kornegg

Sydney Australia

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