About the Book – You can be a Successful Business Person is Now Live!!!

Dear Friends,

The book went live over the Thanksgiving Weekend and is already appearing on www.authorhouse.com/bookstore and www.barnesandnoble.com Should be soon on www.amazon.com


This book is dedicated to all those persons who seek to break loose from the pains of poverty and seek their financial independence, through owning their own businesses. Whether you are handicapped by insufficient finances or have adequate start-up capital for your business, the same level of discipline and knowledge will be necessary.

I am very much aware of the volumes of books that have been written on the subject of Small Business Development and Management. However, I made the conscious decision to take a different approach and share my personal experiences, highlighting the many obstacles I encountered along the way in my more that 50 years of active involvement in the private sector in the Caribbean.

The path to achieving success in business begins with a mindset based upon information and education about the implications of business and a passion to succeed. In this age of information technology, there is no lack of information on how to develop a business and take it through its stages to being a successful business is well documented. There is absolutely no room in today’s world for trial and error.

My objective in this book is to present to my readers a holistic approach to developing and maintaining a successful business. The information provided herein is not limited only to my personal successes but also my several failures along the way.

I wish to address specifically the operations of the MICRO, SMALL and MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (MSMEs) within the private sector which accounts for as much as eighty five (85) percent of the workforce in some countries. The private sector is referred to as the engine of growth but the MSMEs are the engine of Employment. Many governments fail to give the level of support to this vitally important segment of the economy.

I invite you to journey with me as we navigate a path towards understanding the peculiarities, intricacies and technicalities of the operations of MSMEs in general but the Caribbean in particular. In spite cultures may differ, Business speaks an international language whether you are in an under developed, less developed or developed country.



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