June 9, 2006



What’s new?
I have decided that with effect of this week’s column, I will use a header for each new topic I develop in my article. Being at large gives me the freedom to discuss multiple subjects in one article and I feel this new approach will present ease in reading.

Efforts to make money on the internet could be frustrating:
Some time ago I drew to my readers’ attention the problem affecting payment through Pay Pal. I have been working with a number of service providers to include Click Bank in their payment options. Pay Pal is definitely the leader in payment options with 71 million customers but it is frustrating to be locked out of a money making opportunity because of where you live. In recent weeks, I have been able to get organizations to allow me access to their programmes until they fix the payment system.

I advised my readers to hold on to their wallets when surfing the internet for business opportunities. The sales promotions on the various offers are so compelling that you have to be careful not to go overboard and end up with information that cannot be used in your country and because of the timing when you are introduced to the opportunity it is already over promoted by the originator. However, I have purchased a number of reports and am convinced there are always new ideas that are presented in these reports and if you are determined to succeed in the internet business, the knowledge is important.

Selling information on the internet is the way to go:
It is a 10 billion dollar business and there is a place for everyone. A recent development is that a number of website developers are offering templates for websites that can put you on the internet in minutes and by using services that promote traffic to your site, you can be provided with targeted customers who are seeking for the type of product you are offering. Very soon the reliance on local web designers will be a thing of the past. It is just not worth the frustration. Have you ever tried getting someone to build a website for you? You would be extremely lucky if you find a real serious person with knowledge of the technology without the frustration of sifting through several of them. Then there is the problem of back up service, that is like going through a brick wall. There are many people who will offer their services without having ever built a website. Be sure to ask them to show you websites that they have built.

A few web addresses for you:
Join and meet a group of Black Americans, professional and businesspersons where you can exchange ideas and get information on the state of Black business in the USA. There is a Forum, Market place for advertising your business and a Blog. I joined this group in the early stages. Up to this point it is free to participate in all sections of the site.

There is an interesting site that just got started and because of my joining in the early stage St. Lucia had a link on its home page for a few days. Check it out at There is a ton of information on this site and chapters will be developed in the various participating communities around the world.

Direct Sales versus MLM – Breaking News!
Finally, there is a move afoot by a local company to launch a Direct Sales organisation that will promote Health and Wellness through products that have been specially formulated for the company. The Marketing/Compensation plan is geared towards removing the frustrations experienced by MLMers in the past. Whereas the MLM system seeks to recruit people and is premised on numbers of persons in the organization, the local direct sales company will place emphasis on individual sales whereby persons will build a client base that will be there for them month after month providing a solid monthly income with opportunities for promotion based on performance. The company will expand in time throughout the region and beyond.

Keep the faith, God is in Charge – never doubt that.


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