June 16, 2006



Giving back to the community:
Ms Andria Hall and her team brought new light and life to St. Lucia and opened up a new avenue for Sponsorship to St. Lucian businesses. Air Jamaica, Lucelec and Coco Resorts were the main sponsors of the initiative which saw a departure from dance hall and other secular artistes who visit St. Lucia from time to time as they would say to mash up the place to a highly spiritually charged conference and gospel concert. The theme of the two day conference which was held at the Coco Palm Conference Centre was “The Walk: Sanctuary for the Soul which targeted women in leadership roles. The concert was held at the Sandals Grande last Saturday night. It was an electrifying spiritual experience with our own local group of ten spirit filled ladies – “Special Blend” and Carl Jenkins and his group of musicians and gospel singers – X’ Altation. Carl Jenkins sang, danced, preached and prayed for his audience. His musical renditions ranged from rap/dance hall to ballad/soul. There is a lot of fun in the worship of God. The appreciative audience danced and applauded throughout the programme with tears of joy flowing down the cheeks of many. Oh, what a night! We were all blessed.

I was very pleased about this experience as I have through the years in my writing stressed the need for sponsorship of life changing events and the need to invite motivational speakers to our island to share with our citizens, experiences that will motivate them to be the best they can in whatever field of endeavour they pursue. There are a few quotes that struck a note with me and I take this opportunity to share my blessings of the night with you. Mr. Allen Chastanet in his remarks pointed to the need for business people to get involved – to share and made the point “there is no point in being successful and standing alone on a pedestal”. He noted the promoters should not be discouraged by the turn out to the concert and made reference to the humble beginnings of the Jazz Festival and what it is today. Carl Jenkins noted that “God places people in our lives, for a reason, for a season, for a lifetime!” and Ms. Hall in alluding to the success of the conference, emphasized the power of positive thinking “speak thoughts that are not as if they are”

International Cricket at Beausejour:
I am not a cricket fan but in recent times with the encouragement of my friends, I was in the pavilion doing my thing at the various matches. Every time I ask the question where is the support from the local cricket fans? We cannot continue to expect people to come to our shores for sports events and we do not support them. The time has come for firms to assist by sponsoring tickets for staff and customers to attend sports, especially cricket at Beausejour. Test matches are televised internationally and with world cup cricket around the corner, we should have done better with our attendance to the India – West Indies match. The West Indies seem to have good fortune at Beausejour and you should have been there. The vendors did not do well, their customers did not turn up. It all boils down to business. By our involvement, we create a better environment for business.

This week’s Internet find:
It is amazing how many businesses are adopting the MLM model to increase their market share. Word of mouth is still the best means of advertising and personal contact, the best means of dealing with customers’ needs. Now, it is not only vitamins, its insurance, telecommunication, legal services, travel and most recent – real estate. Isn’t there a product group in the region that can be adopted the MLM approach? My internet find this week is a unique company that is spearheading the “Clean Power Revolution” Already Governors in the USA are meeting and seriously discussing environmental issues and are supporting initiatives with big bucks. Wind energy is a hot topic around the world and is being used successfully in Europe and very soon in the USA. St. Lucia has also joined the debate.

You may have heard about trillion dollar industries which many people around the world caught the wave and became millionaires. Today’s trends lead to trillion dollar businesses, we have seen the big successes of the telecommunication and wellness industries, the next trillion dollar industry is Energy/Environmental Industry. I saw the wave and I jumped in to catch it. It is a global trend. It is on the ground floor. We need to acquire all the knowledge we can on the subject. At least everyone needs to save on energy cost even if not interested in the environment. But it is hoped that through education, an awareness of the issues will bring about an enlightened consumer who will be ready to play his/her role in protecting the environment. My internet find this week is www.krystal-planet.com/edwardharris this is the most comprehensive range of environmental and energy products available from one source with lots of educational information at their Yahoo Group. It is time for an Environmental/Energy Association in St. Lucia.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, it is still a wonderful world. Go out and make your contribution.

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