JUNE 24, 2006



What is the Jump and Wave Business?
The jump and wave business is the business that is derived from the various shows, launching of political candidates, election activities and current Carnival activities. Big, medium, small and micro businesses are all benefiting from this party atmosphere that has branded St. Lucia, the party capital of the OECS and soon to be the Caribbean if we continue at this rate. We are attracting the best Soca and Reggae artistes in the region and beyond. Given the type of entertainment environment that pervades the nation, one is very likely to conclude that everything is nice in St. Lucia and we are actually living up to the slogan “St. Lucia Nice!” The entertainment boom will continue right through to 2007 when St. Lucia and the other CWC2007 destinations’ businesspersons will reap their harvest. The year 2006 is set to be one of our better years for private sector business and things can only get better in 2007 when it will be our best year ever.

What effect does Crime have on the existing business boom?
Any child could answer this question. Crime is bad for the economy of any country. The human rights arguments that make everyone a saint until proven otherwise stands somewhat in the way of a pro active approach by law enforcement officers in dealing with the types of criminal activities that are carried out at the moment. We all have the same rights even when our behaviour and mindset in relation to crime are different – good versus bad. The slogan “Crime is our business” is not registering positively and should be changed to “Fighting Crime is our business”

However, the issue is much more fundamental. Are there any organizations reaching out to the groups that are likely to be involved in criminal activities? Are we showing them an alternative to what they are currently engaged in? Or are we simply hoping that they will voluntary correct their ways? What are our social/correctional officers doing – who are their target groups? Are the resources put behind human development adequate? Is the environment while triggering the need to spend money is actually showing legitimate ways of making it? Jump and wave activities demand dollars to dress up and to entertain. The electronic media has to offer more balanced entertainment and seek to inform and educate its listening and viewing audiences.

This no time for just hoping for change without action. The time has come for us as a nation to be pro active in fighting crime which has now become everybody’s business. It will take dollars to achieve this. Public and Private sectors must become involved. It is important to note that the police in their present mode of operation, apart from their presence on the streets can do little unless a crime is committed. The big question is, how can we get the police and the citizens in a joint approach to finding an alternative options to crime to present to that group of young persons who are likely to engage in crime?
Action is urgently needed to stop the violence. I fully endorse the campaign to stop the violence now. We should all be involved in fighting crime and lend our voices to Stop the Violence Now campaign.

The Chamber of Commerce Business Mixer:
This month’s Business Mixer was hosted last Tuesday, 20/6/06 by First Caribbean International Bank at the Cara Suites Hotel, La Pansee and it was well attended. The gathering was addressed by Mrs. Maricia Thomas-Francis, Country Head and Corporate Banking Manager and members of her team. They offered a range of modern banking services with a promise of personalized service, living up to their slogan “First Caribbean Corporate Banking Convenience… and Innovative Solutions for all your needs”.

Mr. Andrew George, Corporate Planning Officer of NEMO addressed the issue of proper preparation by businesses to deal with hurricanes and highlighted the need for businesses to adhere to the SHUT DOWN policy guidelines. Non Essential Services 10 hours before the arrival of the storm, Essential Services 8 hours. Total Shut Down 6 hours before.

The Officials of First Caribbean International Bank and NEMO are prepared to visit businesses and discuss their services and share information with Executives upon request.

Apart from the information gleaned from persons who addressed the gatherings, the Business Mixers present opportunities for networking.

New Business Launch:
Dr. Almus Mc Dowall, Naturopathic Doctor and Radio and TV host will be launching a Wellness Company with a unique distribution and compensation system at a public lecture on Thursday, 29th June, 2006 at the Bay Gardens Conference Centre, Rodney Bay at 7.00pm. The public is invited.

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