For Immediate Release – July 19, 2006.

In a survey commissioned by the AFC and conducted between July 13 to 18, 2006 likely voters in Guyana showed tremendous strength , statistically tying the PNCR and closing sharply the gap with the governing PPP/C. The survey conducted by the prominent Mexican survey research firm Arcop – the Polling Company that worked with Felipe Calderon in his recent victory in the race for President of Mexico, was conducted through in person interviews throughout Guyana and the results have a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.

The survey showed very substantial gains by the AFC with their extra votes coming equally from the two other major parties. The following table compares the results of the July survey with those of March 2006 survey.


March 2006 July 2006

Jagdeo 40% 35%

Corbin 36% 30%

Trotman 21% 28%

Others 3% 7%

AFC political consultant Dick Morris commented that “the gains showed real emerging strength for Raphael Trotman and AFC ticket” He noted that the PPP/C had lost 5 points and the PNCR had dropped 6 points while the AFC rose 7 points since the March survey. ‘The fact that the PPP/C and the PNC/R both lost an equal number of votes to the AFC indicates that Trotman is not splitting the African- Guyanese votes as some have charged but is demonstrating a rare ability to cross ethnic lines and win the votes of all Guyanese.”

Trotman hailed the results saying that “It demonstrated that racial politics in Guyana is on its way out” while Khemraj Ramjattan called the data “a strong showing for those who want the rule of law to return to Guyana.: AFC Vice Chairman Sheila Holder said ”the results were encouraging and “shows that real change and progress is just around the corner for our country.

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