December 14, 2006



Congratulations are in order for the United Workers Party (UWP) on their convincing victory at the polls on December 11, 2006 with an 11-6 majority. The team comprising of experienced and young politicians have defied the pollsters and created history with the 82 year old Sir John at the helm.

Now that the campaigns and elections are behind us, it is time to get down to business to ensure that the investment flows being currently experienced is further enhanced for the prosperity of the nation. The people have spoken and it is clear that the people are demanding that they have a say in the development of the nation and that accountability and transparency must be preached and practiced.

St. Lucia is geared for great achievements in the short term and with effective management could be on a growth path for several years. The future is bright. Over the years in my writings, I have always been optimistic about St. Lucia’s economic future. I was vindicated at least two years ago. I continue to stress the need for certain actions that will give us a real stake in the global economy. More attention must be given to Information Technology and Internet generated businesses as a whole. Everything should be done to get the leaders in the industry to identify market niches for St. Lucia’s entry into the global market place. Internet marketing is a low cost, high yield business. Maybe, it is time for a Ministry of Technology.

Keeping up with my rounds, I attended a meeting of the National Association of Realtors at the Lantana Room, Bay Gardens Hotel on December 7, 2006 where Realtors/Agents met to move the process forward based on a decision which was taken at an earlier meeting to resuscitate the activities of the Association. A Steering Committee was elected comprising of the following persons: Mary Foster, Zenna Leopold, Callum De Myers, Curtis Francis, Zephryn Descartes, Winston Etienne and Edward Harris. Advisors – Karleen Greenidge, Martha Phillips and Lorraine Glace. Based on the sentiments expressed at the meeting, it was very clear that the time has come for the industry to be organized so that a uniformed approach could be applied by Realtors/Agents. The Association is receiving support from St. Lucia Coalition of Service Industries Inc. and Barbados Estate Agents & Valuers Association Inc.

The Ministry of Commerce, Investment and Consumer Affairs in collaboration with Caribbean Export hosted a Presentation of the Diagnostic Analysis of the Professional Services Sub-sector in St. Lucia at the Bay Gardens Inn on Friday, December 8, 2006. Mr. Sunil Sinha, Technical Director of Emerging Market Economics Limited of the U.K. was the Presenter. The session was very informative and covered areas of Health & Wellness, Education, ICT, Business Development Services, Engineering and Construction Services and Production Services for the Entertainment Industry.

In the tourism sector, new opportunities were identified, namely Sheltered Care, Medical and Educational Tourism such as special packages for visitors to learn English and other foreign Languages and Wellness/Health Care. Health Care is a big driver and St. Lucia should be promoted as a Brand – Flagship destination. Sheltered Care in the USA is billed at US$200.00 per day and by 2020 the cost per day is expected to rise to US$480.00. Surely, we can be competitive and being an English speaking nation should be an advantage for us to demand some of that business that is already going offshore to Spanish speaking countries. Visit

ICT is a very attractive area, especially as Data is moved over the Internet which has opened up a number of possibilities. Health Insurance Companies are not only looking for Sheltered and other Medical Care from less costly destinations, they are seeking other related data services. Call Centres, Legal, Architectural, Engineering and many other services can be offered from anywhere in the world. Human Resource services are very much in demand. While India is especially attractive for offshore contracts, there is a problem of distance, hence the need for near-shore operations and that is where destinations like St. Lucia have an advantage. Further information on the presentation could be requested from Ms. Yasmine Reynolds – 468-4203

The next few days are going to be very interesting as the Cabinet emerges and the movers and shakers get down to business.

Let us get to work – young and old, put our differences aside and get St. Lucia moving.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge!!!

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