April 28, 2007



The St. Lucia CWC 2007 Local Organising Committee delivered on its promise to produce a memorable world cup experience. Those skeptics who doubted the ability of the local organizers and the team of volunteers to deliver on their promises were shocked by the results and it is even more important to note that they delivered beyond expectations. I was blessed to watch the 2nd Semi Final at the Beausejour Cricket Ground on 25/4/07 and took a keen interest in looking at the organization on the ground. There is no doubt in my mind that the little island of St. Lucia has great minds and it was no accident that two sons of the soil made the Caribbean proud as they were awarded Nobel Laureates status. The island State itself gave the nation a World Heritage Site – the Pitons!

The Legacy of the West Indies winning the tournament was lost and it was a terrible thing to happen because for the next 4 years every time World Cup Cricket is mentioned, the West Indies team would have been mentioned as the 2007 winners. However, there is expected to be some residual benefits from the tournament, the impact from which is eagerly awaited. Most persons have concluded that the immediate impact on the economy was not equitably shared. I believe that the level of expectations that were shared with the people in the initial stage were unrealistic and as a result the debate on benefits derived will continue for a long time to come.

I am fully convinced that our leaders will have to enter into some future agreements collectively and the CWC 2007 experience must not be lost. How much better would it have been if the whole tournament was staged in Jamaica rather than hosted by nine nations? Every country could have been given an economic stake with the hosting of Caribbean Villages at all major venues where matches would have been played in the sole country – Jamaica. This could be a lesson for the next time such an opportunity presents itself.

Too many times when Caribbean leaders are given a real opportunity to unite, they put country’s interest first. We have seen it in almost every instance. It is the same with the naming of a West Indies cricket team, each country must have representation or else there is threat of boycott of attendance at matches. We have to move on from Nationalism to Regionalism or continue to be losers. Lara has moved on. He should have done so many moons ago but it is all politics. We continue to be plagued with the demon that because a person is the best at what he or she does and even earn the highest remuneration in the group, that person must be given the leadership, regardless. Let us revisit Peter Drucker’s definition of Management which states that “Management is a social process which entails the mobilization of human resources for a common objective”. It is the person who has the ability to lead who should be given the leadership of the sports team or the business and those you are given leadership because of their inter personal skills should not necessarily be paid the highest remuneration.

West Indies cricket is at cross roads. The question is which way to go? A hard look at the situation tells me that the level of indiscipline in the team at this juncture needs a brand new team. Forget the experiences of those who are supposed to be experienced and only bring their fans shame, primarily because of their indiscipline and lack of respect for their fans. On the other hand, the person in whose hands the responsibility for captaincy of the team will be placed should be appointed in keeping with the Drucker’s definition of management.

The time has come for the West Indies Board to talk the talk and walk the walk of Caribbean Unity and replace Nationalism with Regionalism. It is easier said than done but someone has to bite the bullet and do what is right. If it takes a touch of righteousness in the team to get all the players to be counseled by the best in their religion and employ the best Motivational coach in the world, so be it. There must be a spiritual and emotional awakening of the region’s cricketers. The fans in the region have given their hearts, it is time that the cricketers give back something and all that is needed is greater commitment to the game.

St. Lucia has moved on and is now ready to be host for St. Lucia Jazz 2007 which is scheduled for the period May 4 – 13, 2007. Ten days of fun in the sun and music under the stars. Check out the happenings at: http://www.stluciajazz.org

There is never a dull moment in St. Lucia. It is heaven on earth! Some call it Paradise!

Long life is truly a blessing. Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Expect Miracles in 2007!!!

Ed Harris
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