Andria Hall: The Anatomy of a Miracle

Andria Hall: The Anatomy of a Miracle

From Bevan Springer
New York Amsterdam News

NEW YORK (January 22, 2009) – The last week was the toughest I have faced in my life – having to say farewell to my best friend and business partner Andria Lynette Hall Sizemore, television journalist and Christian communications strategist.

Her earthly life, which ended last week after a two year battle with breast cancer, blessed so many people far and wide, and it was so amazing to hear testimonies of how she cared and served hundreds of people from all walks of life during two services held in her memory, at Brooklyn’s Bethel Baptist Church and New Jersey’s First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens.

Andria’s career in the media business, whether in the secular world or in the Christian community, was absolutely impressive. She personified not only beauty, grace and excellence, but also had a sense of humor that helped her bring ease to the most uncomfortable or tense situations. She was a communicator par excellence, and her vision from God to transform her media career to M.E.D.I.A. – Ministering, Edifying, Divinely Inspiring, All to the glory of God, spoke to the calling she had from the Lord to shine light into the lives of those she so easily connected with. As Pastor Devore Chapman reflected at Bethel Baptist Church, which her father pastored for more than 40 years, Andria was an angel in our midst. And quite frankly, we may have just been unaware.

I had the blessing and honor of travelling the world with Andria, whether attending media conferences in the Caribbean or praying with her before appearing on Christian television in Canada while she battled late stage breast cancer.

Every moment I spent with Andria was a blessing. Her friends served her because she deserved to be served, and she served us so much more, building us up intellectually and spiritually, and loving us as Jesus Christ loves the church.

Andria fought the good fight of faith. Onlookers were so inspired by her continued love for God and her willingness to trust in Him for her healing and deliverance until her very last breath. She ministered to doctors, nurses and pastoral company from her hospital bed and even in the operating theatre.

Her faith inspired us too to fight the good fight of faith, knowing that nothing willbe able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39

Andria Lynette Hall was the anatomy of a miracle. I can’t think of anyone who has blessed so many lives with gentle words of encouragement and counsel, whether in a five minute intervention or a five year-old friendship.

Let’s now look at ways of building on the work that this gentle force has done for the far greater good. Practically everything she did, she shared with others. Her friends were always invited to share the bounty of her labor, her inspiration and her love. Now it is time to share Andria and her life’s work with others.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Well done!

I will forever remember and love this lady called Andria Hall.

Until we meet again in Heaven.

Photograph of Andria Hall available at:

Photo credit: Margot Jordan.


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