Have Yiou Met Your Goals in 2009??????

Michael Walter sent a message to the members of Dreamers Never Quit.

Subject: Have Yiou Met Your Goals in 2009

Did you take an Inventory of your goals in 2009. That’s what I just did and I am pleased with my results.

What I did to meet my goals is revised some to make it a little easier to achieve these goals and that’s okay.I looked at them frequently and made adjustments.

Example: Personal Development in reading a positive book 5 pages per day to 10 per day.

I asked myself what did I read did I understand It.One more step to success.

The key is to write your goals down and review them as often as It takes this is what I do and It’s working.

When you review at your goals ask your self am I moving forward and If not why?

I will help you make 2010 more prosperous with this manual I ran across so I would like to share it with you as well.


Michael Walter

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