April 27, 2010

Edward Harris At Large!


It is about that deadline again, one day too early as the nation awaits the visit of an anointed messenger of God this week. Bishop T. D. Jakes is expected to challenge our people to take a stand for righteousness. Those who plan to take the time to be numbered among God’s people can only expect to be blessed – I expect to be blessed abundantly. Pigeon Island is a fitting venue for such an occasion. I will be attending both evenings, April 29 & 30, 2010. After all Bishop T. D. Jakes is revered by Christians and non Christian in many parts of the world for his biblical exhortations and practical applications.

Senator Hon. Allen Chastanet should be smiling as the event unfolds. I can envisage that after the event, and the visit is given the publicity through Rev. T. D. Jakes network, the beauty of St. Lucia will be revealed to the people of God in keeping with the prophecy of the isles. Our destination will be on the minds of the leaders and members of Faith Based Organisations everywhere and many will even pray and affirm that the Lord will bless them with the means to visit Saint Lucia.

The budget is behind us, going forward business persons are getting ready to get their piece of the pie that will be shared over the next three weeks as St. Lucia hosts the 20/20 Cricket Matches and St. Lucia Jazz 2010. It is party time and you don’t have to worry about St. Lucians they will find the money to enjoy themselves as much as the visitors who grace our shores. It is real – St. Lucia nice!

The tourism/hospitality services sector is in for a good spell over next three months. Our restaurants and night clubs in particular will hold their own. The year 2010 holds promise for businesses as the recession is arrested and consumer confidence begins to slowly return to normalcy. The additional airlifts that have been negotiated are very encouraging and augers well for businesses. Every visitor to our island increases the ability of businesses to earn income.

I attended the SME Training Workshop for Homecoming 2010 with the theme “Business Planning, Marketing, Social & Networking Skills” at the National Insurance Corporation Conference Room on April 26, 2010. The workshop was sponsored by the Office of Private Sector Relations (OPSR) and executed by Right Angle Imaging. Mrs. Barbara Jacobs-Small was assisted by Mrs. Sonia Sifflete and together they did a fantastic job in creating awareness of effective communication and the importance of doing things right. The fundamentals in getting a business off the ground on the right footing were emphasised. There was role play among participants which was well appreciated. The workshop produced many tangible results as participants practiced the art of networking. Relationships were established and commitments were made to collaborate in business.

While in my small business I internalized everything, I was motivated to produce my company’s Vision and a Mission Statement during the workshop to share with the world which will be posted on my website: (www.stluciapropertydeals.com ) shortly. The workshop laid the ground work for participants to maximize on business opportunities that Homecoming 2010 will present. Information about the programme could be found at www.theslia.com and www.saintlucianhomecoming.org

I pray that my readers will take the opportunity to step out to a few of the activities scheduled for the next few weeks and really enjoy themselves. I will be watching.

The Realtors’ Association (Saint Lucia) Inc. met on Wednesday, 28 April, 2010. Members were brought up to date on developments in the industry by their President – Ms. Heather Floissac and the opportunity was also taken to network. It was generally noted that the market for sales is very slow but rentals have picked up.

Forget your sorrows and dance. Even if we have nothing, we have life! If you can’t go to the main stage, check out the fringe events from Castries to Soufriere. Just have fun!

Welcome to the early birds for St. Lucia Jazz 2010 – Enjoy!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge and expect Daily Miracles!

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