May 13, 2010

Edward Harris At Large!


Imagine it until you can live it! St. Lucians really lived it up in the past few weeks. It began with Bishop T. D. Jakes, then it was cricket, Jazz and cricket again and still more to come. Over the past three weeks there has never been a dull moment. The main street in Rodney Bay Village was busy with visitors. Just the way a tourist hot spot is supposed to be. Business should have been great for the proprietors of restaurants and bars. They don’t have to discount. The hotels are still on the discount path and seems as though it will be that way for a while yet. However, getting the right levels of occupancy should suffice.

The reports indicate that the 19th St. Lucia Jazz was a great success, Pigeon Island received its highest numbers yet. It is surprising that in spite of the difficult economic times the grounds almost overflowed? The patrons of the fringe and main stage events responded to my invitation to leave their troubles and dance! I had a great time meeting old and making new friends but most important – networking.

St. Lucia Jazz will always present challenges to its organizers, you can’t please everyone but the word Jazz in St. Lucia Jazz continues to cause some degree of confusion in the minds of adult patrons. It is time for a tag line to St. Lucia Jazz – “A Musical Experience!”
St. Lucia Jazz Festival, St. Lucia Jazz over the years has grown from strength to strength. Our local artistes can now demand their place on main stage. St. Lucia Jazz gained the recognition of citizens across the nation and has finally got the acceptance of the young people. There is something for everyone. Cancellation of artistes and unavailability of others can be a major headache for organizers but in spite of set backs St. Lucia Jazz 2010 was great.

The 20th production of St. Lucia Jazz presents a real opportunity to dispel the fears of those who feel that something has to be fixed in spite of the apparent success and keep the satisfied fans coming. I predict with the right line up for 2011, Pigeon Island will overflow its capacity. This is the opportunity to fix whatever needs to be fixed imaginary or otherwise.
Name recognition is very important. Introducing new international artistes to our stage will always pose a challenge unless they are exceptionally talented, but the big names will always be an easier sell. I left the Pigeon Island Sunday night fully convinced in my mind – St. Lucia Jazz will grow from strength to strength and I will definitely be back next year! In the meantime, it is necessary to check the pulse of the patrons and give them what they need. Be guided by the feed back received from the patrons – visitors and locals alike. St. Lucia Jazz – “A Musical Experience!”

There is a business opportunity to fill a need for males to carry around their essentials. A fashion designed bag for them to carry around two cell phones, two or three pairs of glasses, bunch of keys, etc. could be a hot selling item. I hope a local Entrepreneur can see a business opportunity in producing/marketing the product.
I have always proposed that if business persons are going to be successful in business, visits to trade shows are integral to being ahead of their competition with ideas, products and services. A number of business persons are expected to visit Shanghai Expo 2010 which was officially opened May 1, and ends October 31, 2010. It is my sincere hope that business persons take full advantage of the opportunity. Contact the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Consumer Affairs for further details.

SLISBA will host a General Membership Meeting on Friday, 21st May 2010 at 4:30pm at Juliette’s Lodge in Vieux-Fort. Please make a very special effort to attend and to be on time.

I decided that in 2010 I will not carry my motivational piece in my column as I felt that it was time that most of my readers were subscribing to, especially those who recognize that there is power in words and a daily/weekly dose of inspiration/motivation can work miracles in their lives. However, I was moved to share with you a motivational piece that touched the core of my values.
It’s not what you have, but what you enjoy that constitutes your abundance.
Your real riches are riches in your head and heart. Wealth without enjoyment is little consolation.
True satisfaction comes from appreciating what you have.
There are two ways of being happy: you must either diminish your wants or augment your means.
It’s always better to appreciate things you cannot have than to have the things you cannot appreciate.
Your riches will always lie within you, not in your material possessions.
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Keep the Faith, God is in Charge and expect Daily Miracles!

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