The 2013 St. Lucia Business Awards

Press Release  Deadline For Applications of The 2013 St. Lucia Business Awards Fast Approaching The deadline for submissions for the 2013 St. Lucia Business Awards is December 3rd 2012. As we approach this date, The Chamber urges businesses across the island to participate in The Awards. The Awards target all business categories large and small, regardless of sector.  The St. Lucia Business Awards, reward excellence in various categories, celebrating the achievements of the private sector of St. Lucia. Submit an entry to highlight your outstanding achievements, innovations and strategies, learn more about what other companies are doing and build your corporate brand.  As the Business Awards continues to grow, one of the newly introduced awards, The Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award, seeks to build upon the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs in the country who have been energized by the recently held global entrepreneurship week.    The St. Lucia Business Awards will present awards in the following categories: 1.      Prime Ministers Award for Innovation 2.      Award for Service Excellence3.      Entrepreneur of the Year Award 4.      Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award5.      Business of the Year Award6.      Goods Exporter of the Year Award7.      Service Exporter of the Year Award8.      Award for Excellence in Human Resource Development9.      Award for Marketing Excellence10.  Award for Corporate Leadership11.  Award for Corporate Social Responsibility12.  Green Award13.  Idea of the Year Award14.  Award for Making it Easier to do Business  Applications for the St. Lucia Business Awards are available on the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce’s website and in hard copy at the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce. Businesses in St. Lucia have are reminded that the deadline for submitting applications is December 3rd 2013.  Once submitted the nominees will be announced by the third week of January and the 2013 St. Lucia Business Awards will take place on January 26th 2013.   —ENDS—      Sumitra Jagroop-LeoMembership Development OfficerSt Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and AgricultureAmerican Drywall BuildingVide BoutielleP.O. Box 482Castries Tel: (758) 452 3165Fax: (758) 453 6907email: info@stluciachamber.orgwebsite:  Reply Forward


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