March 8, 2017



A different approach is emerging in Saint Lucia, where civil society is joining hands with entrepreneurs and professionals in driving the public sector to take positive developmental action that will create synergies that will advance economic progress in the State.

It is a great time to be living in Saint Lucia and especially to participate in mapping out an economic path to the nation’s prosperity. It is hoped that at the end of this current debate which is being driven by Vision 2030 that documents will not be shelved but the implementation of projects will ensue.

It cannot be business as usual any longer; we must change our approach and be proactive. Until now we have been reactive. We can no longer take a laid back position, after all we are not tourists, we are creating the environment for tourists to see us as imaginative, resourceful people seeking to achieve excellence in our endeavours – a group of people who they will be happy to do business with.

At this time of year, Budget proposals are being put together and contributions are invited from all sections of society. It is very likely that some of the ideas shared last Sunday will find acceptance with the budget committee. Whatever happens going forward, Saint Lucia is poised for the dawn of a new day when the people will be contributing to the economic and social debate of the nation.

The invitation here under created the buzz that saw scores of residents in the south of Saint Lucia and beyond converging at the Vieux Fort Fisheries Complex – Conference Room to listen to professionals in the various areas of endeavor that will impact on the projects that are supposed to realise the Vision for 2030.


As intense public discussion about the future development of Vieux Fort continues, a diverse group of nationals has decided to come together to further the dialogue. Supported by organizations such as RISE Saint Lucia, the Vieux Fort Concerned Citizens’ Coalition for Change, the Southern Tourism Development Corporation, Jako Productions, “I Will Stand”, local business persons and ordinary “citizens-by-commitment”, a symposium has been planned for the Vieux Fort Fisheries Complex on Sunday March 5, 2017.

Vision 2030 Vieux Fort invites the media, young people, interested government officials, members of Her Majesty’s Opposition and the general public to participate in this thoughtful exchange of ideas. Please email to register your interest in attending or contributing to Sunday’s symposium.

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Sunday, 5th March, 2017 definitely saw the coming together of minds including professionals, entrepreneurs and civil society to share a Vision that is projected to come into fruition by the year 2030.  The facilitator of the symposium was Mr. Sylvester Clauzel. Presenters included – Mr. Dr. Marcus Day, Dr. Stephen King, Mr. Eldridge Stephens, Mrs. Debra Tobierre, Dr. Harmsen, Dr. Anderson Reynolds, and others.

It was a lively session which lasted almost four hours. It is my hope that all who attended the event will no longer try to imagine themselves being abducted by aliens and brought back to Vieux Fort in 2030 – what would you like to see? but rather as real persons in charge of their own destiny with a perfect vision of what Vieux Fort should be like from this point onward.

The symposium was streamed live on Choice TV. My suggested site of the week is

Remember always to Keep the Faith, knowing that God is in Charge – Dream Big and Expect Miracles!


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