It is time for us to live the Resurrection experience!

“Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness.” — Floyd W. Tomkins

He is risen! The Easter holidays gave us a wonderful opportunity to get together with family and friends, and reflect upon the past three years and comfort each other as we celebrated the Easter in the way it used to be prior to 2019. 

We are now at a place where there should be no turning back. In spite of the numerous distractions in our world today, we must have the confidence to aggressively pursue our march to political, social and economic freedom. We must be resolute in our approach to make the world a better place, beginning with Saint Lucia.

In spite of whatever is going on in the world, we have a lot to be thankful for even as we witness the easing of COVID 19 and the return to some degree of normalcy, we must exercise caution. It is said that COVID19 is here to stay and it seems very likely that it is. We must not throw caution to the wind and live as though it is the end of COVID 19. The presence of the virus is very much with us. Now we have to deal with the latest OMNICRON sub variant COVID 19, BA 2 and it is already causing concerns in the United States of America. 

COVID 19 aside, we do have a lot to be thankful for. The movers and shakers of industry are continuing to blaze the trail. We are bombarded with Investment Offerings and the citizens of the CARICOM region must begin to take note. CRYPTO CURRENCY is leading the way. All eyes are on CRYPTO, it is the CURRENCY BUZZ of all times. The experts are rolling over each other to get out front with their predictions. There are indications that there will be a Crypto Panic in the market in the next couple of months. It is for investors to get in front of the wave. Remember you do not make money when everybody is buying. You buy and wait. Everyone is aware of Bitcoin and Ethereum but that is not where the real gains will be coming from. The experts are pointing to a   couple of coins that will, apart from paying Capital Gains, investors will receive automatic payout month after month. Welcome to the Digital World! While governments are trying to catch up, most wealthy individuals are getting involved in Crypto, including the world’s wealthiest person – Elon Musk. It is time to speak with the Investment Manager in your local bank. 

All eyes continue to be on Ukraine, and the sufferings and deaths continue to mount on its citizens. Russia is not easing up on the destruction and has a plan that will be revealed in the coming weeks, most likely on Victory Day, May 9, which marks the day after Nazi Germany surrendered and Soviet forces took control of Berlin, bringing the war in Europe to an end.

While we continue to live in an atmosphere of war which some may claim to be prophetic developments, there is an urgent need for a resurgence of religious teachings across all religious groups. This process must begin with individuals who know what is required of them, bravely standing up and proclaiming the gospel, and taking action in ensuring the assembling of   themselves. It is very important that elders of the nations lead by example and redirect the footsteps of their followers in the direction of places of worship, and adhering to religious values.

There will be no peace until the people of Yahweh return to righteousness. All the negative things that plague society today will only subside when our people acknowledge Yahweh as their Mighty One. Crime will no longer be a front burner issue, our people will live in peace and our nations will prosper. It is time that we hear from the Houses of Parliament everywhere, a call to Prayer. There is need for a National Day of Prayer across the world.

Remember do not only seek to do what is popular, but seek to do what is right. Be ever conscious that COVID 19 is still with us. Embrace the protocols, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and be blessed. 

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant




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