Harris at Large

May 19, 2022



Forgive me if I get emotional in this week’s column. I am at pains to understand how the leaders of our new Caribbean are not taking the bull by the horns and changing the way governments respond to the needs of the small man. It is my sincere hope that Governments in the region will find ways of   reaching out to the masses, the people who are responsible for giving politicians the opportunity to represent them for a term of up to five years.

St. Lucia is a special case where the Saint Lucia Labour Party with its slogan Putting People First emerged victorious in the last general elections taking over from a government that lost support due it is pro capitalist position. In the recent budget, the SLP government has allocated substantial amounts for social programmes, and small business with special emphasis on the Youth Economy. The Ministers of Housing, and Sports are out front with ambitious projects that are life changing. Generally, the stated intentions of all ministers are note worthy and should be supported by all citizens wishing to transform our island state into a progressive nation. 

I get the feeling that many of the ministers came into office well prepared with a blue print to change the way business was done in the past. I am optimistic that in my life time I will experience a new St. Lucia. We have to move away from doing the same thing all the time , expecting different results. In the past our leaders latched on to buzz words but took no action. Words like paradigm shift, thinking outside the box, transition, etc. It is time to turn works into action. 

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

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