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July 21, 2022


“Our elders are not our burden rather they are the most lovable and respectful in our life. They are the knowledge bank of our culture and tradition. They teach us moral values and many good things. They give us the knowledge about what is wrong and what is right.” QuotesGram.

Our young people had a wonderful time at the tents and queen show, graciously allowing the mature audience the opportunity to enjoy themselves as well. After a storm, there is a calm. It is back to business as usual. The troubles we were having before Carnival are still very much with the majority of us going forward. It is that time of year when there are school books and uniforms to be purchased and more demands from our children and grandchildren for food and snacks. Children will always be children, and when they want something they know how to get it. Regardless of how much prices have increased in the supermarkets, it is hard for a parent to say no to the cries of their children. 

This is summer and this is also the time when families go on holidays, not so much these past three years but some families are more fortunate than others and life goes on. In recent years with the introduction of Staycation during the slow tourist season, many families explore their island home and get themselves acquainted with what tourists are so excited about. I am certain that families are better off for this simple exercise where a sense of pride in being a citizen of such a beautiful country is savoured. These excursions give both adults and children a lifetime of memories, and if good fortune attends the family, those who get the opportunity to live abroad will always speak well of their homeland and return as often as possible to be a part of the many festivals that we observe during the year.

This is a very hectic period for me, while trying to maintain my weekly column and trying to keep up with my side hustles, I cannot stop being the person that I am when it comes to sharing my thoughts on business and life. I was unable to record my weekly episode titled LIFESTYLE BALANCE on the YouTube Channel for a number of weeks but I am grateful that I am now back on my feet and will relaunch the programme this weekend, Yahweh being my helper. I am particularly grateful for Episode #2 when I discussed ten principles for a successful life. I invite my readers to check out this link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG-g02RABzI&t=689s 

Listen to the episode and follow the programme. I will also like to hear from you. Everyone has a story to tell. The world is waiting to hear your story. One of the simplest ways to transform lives is to tell impactful stories. Become a story teller and help to mould the minds of our young people. No matter how much push back is given to the older folks who have a story to tell, those of us who know the power of storytelling must never give up. We must find a way of getting the old and the young to sit at a table and share stories with each other – taking every opportunity to learn from each other. The Bible has a few stories that point to the wisdom of the young and declares that a little child shall lead them. We must cherish the elderly among us while embracing the young.

My quote for this week is very instructive and says it all.  The elderly are the knowledge bank of our culture and tradition and as a result, must be encouraged to impart knowledge and be the conscience for knowing what is right from wrong. Let us seek to extract the true value of the elderly in our midst. 

Continue to stay healthy, stay safe, and take the necessary precautions to stay alive. In spite of all the chaos in the world, it is still a wonderful place – ask the Revellers of 2022 St. Lucia Carnival?
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