Harris at Large

October 20, 2022


“Now all we need is to continue to speak the truth fearlessly, and we shall add to our number those who will turn the scale to the side of equal and full justice in all things.” Lucy Stone.

Our young people are caught in a tug of war not knowing which end of the rope to hold on to. The liars are winning, at least for now, and winning convincingly. Our young people are definitely confused. Most of today’s leaders believe that lying works and that there are enough of us that can be sold on a lie to give them the authority they seek. It is very clear that when the voices of lies and deceit are loud enough the herd instinct steps in and everything of value is ignored. Scammers and bearers of fake news are having their day. Maybe, it is time to revisit the laws as it relates to freedom of speech.

Former President Trump in spite of being out of office continues to dominate the news in the United States of America for all the wrong reasons. It is very unfortunate that at this time in our world with so much negativity such distractions are being allowed to take up time and money from the agencies that are funded by taxpayers. As we approach the midterm, it is amazing how those Republicans who are backed by President Trump are closing in on the races where GOP candidates are behind. Some pundits who back President Biden are putting on their lifejackets in readiness to jump ship. At the Federal level no matter what President Biden does his flight remains in turbulence. In spite of all of his legislative successes including the Inflation Reduction Act, he fails to receive any real sustained bump in his approval rating. Now, with oil prices heading for an increase, President Biden is about to release a further fifteen million barrels of oil from the strategic reserves to help to reduce prices. Unless President Biden can do better with his numbers before the final week of the campaign, it will be all over for the Democrats and President Trump’s campaign for the 2024 Presidential Election will kick off. I cannot understand why on earth President Trump’s dominance still holds among his followers in spite of his obvious problems with the law, and difficulty with the truth, always making false claims, especially the one where he claims President Biden lost the 2020 presidential election.

Based on discussions with business colleagues, and my observations of the availability of products on supermarket shelves, it seems as though goods will be available for the holiday season. Hopefully, there will be some reduction in the current high prices. Whatever the state of prices on the shelves, I am confident that we will have a bigger and better 2022 Festive Season throughout the region.

I am excited about the recent travel release where Guyanese will be able to travel to the United Kingdom without a Visa requirement, and even further good news is that British Airways will commence service in the first quarter of 2023 with flights through Saint Lucia. My travel itinerary with British Airways is already worked out for 2023. Guyana for Easter and London for the summer. Those persons who planned to visit Ukraine and delayed it, Putin’s war changes everything. So be an early bird to Georgetown, Guyana, and London, England. No matter what tidings the new year brings, I will be back in the skies on a regular basis.

The headlines coming out of the United Kingdom is not encouraging. PM Truss resigned this week after 45 days in office. This is not good for the US – UK relations. With her resignation coming so soon, President Biden is left with a void once again when he needs a consistent ally. PM Truss did not spend enough time to establish herself on the job. Definitely, her departure came too soon. Let us hope that normalcy will return in the shortest possible time.

Let us continue to pray for peace and honest leadership around the world where Putting People First will not only be spoken but acted upon. It is time for the citizens of the world to be given a real opportunity to live a peaceful life.

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